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Multi-language Careline
We recognise that the UK is a multi-cultural society with large sections of the community preferring to speak a language other than English. For example, did you know Polish is the second most common language spoken in the UK, with other languages such as Welsh, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu and French also being spoken by large numbers across the UK.. Here at TeleCare24 we feel it’s important that everyone has access to a Careline service in their own language. Being able to explain your situation in your mother tongue is especially important when dealing with an emergency situation. That’s why we are the only national Careline provider that provides our service in over 250 languages and dialects. Using the service is simple. When you press the pendant for assistance, our operator will know which language you prefer to converse in. You will be simultaneously connected to an interpreter who will be able to translate what you are saying to our operator and vice versa. We can then access your needs quickly and get you the help you need. If you would like to find out more about our Multi-Language Careline Service then please call us on 0800 180 8540
We are the only Careline provider that provides our service in over 250 languages and dialects.
Multi-language Careline
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