Health & Wellbeing     May 27, 2016

Holidays Can Seriously Damage Your Health

Here at Telecare24, we love to talk about holidays! The other week we raised the topic of how to care for elderly relatives when planning a holiday. But as we all know, millions of older people still love to go on their holidays.

The sad events surrounding the death of actor James Gandolfini this week at the age of just 51 has highlighted that a heart attack is the leading cause of death for holidaymakers. Experts have actually suggested that going away can actually be detrimental to our health.

How does that work you may ask?

The journal, Psychosomatic Medicine, states that a holiday places extra stresses on the body as we engage in out of the ordinary activities. This could be down to daily excursions, eating or drinking more and also forgetting our medication. Other attributing factors include:

Polluted air
Extreme temperatures
Unusual foods
Crowded areas

During the summer, many older relatives may decide to stay in the UK and go and visit family or friends. This is a great time to catch up with children and grandchildren. If this is the case, here’s a tip you might find helpful….

If you use a careline alarm and are thinking of visiting family for an extended period of time in the UK, you may want to think about taking your alarm with you. As long as your relative has a telephone line, you can just plug your alarm straight in upon arrival. Very often, your relative can just plug their telephone into the back of the alarm unit, so they don’t lose the use of their home phone. This way you are still able to contact your response centre if you experience difficulties.

IMPORTANT: If you decide to temporarily move your alarm to another address you must inform your response centre. To do this, just press your pendant and speak to an operator and explain what you plan to do. You will need to provide the applicable dates along with the temporary address and contact details.

The author of the report, Dr Altman suggests that if we have any long term medical conditions, we should adjust our holiday accordingly. Apparently you’re more at risk in the first 48 hrs of arrival.

If it was me, I think I’ll just crash out in my hotel room for the first two days to pass by! Failing that, I’ll just stay home!

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