Lifestyle     May 25, 2016

Gardening Keeps You Healthy, But Dont Forget Your Pendant

Gardening is good for our health and light activities such as Gardening have been linked to extending our lives.

This week a Swedish health study has discovered a link between light activities, such as gardening, with overall health and longevity. It concluded, “A generally active daily life was, regardless of exercising regularly or not, associated with cardiovascular health and longevity in older adults.”

Hobbies such as light gardening were recommended as the sort of light activity that could be beneficial to people.

For many, gardening in their own home is simply off limits. Falling in the home is a hazard and one not be taken lightly. However, falling in the garden brings with it a whole host of further dangers.

Our pendant alarm allows the user to move freely about their garden, safe in the knowledge that should fall the unit will still dial through to the 24-hour Careline team and assistance will be raised.

The pendant button has a range of up to 100 meters from the base unit. This is wide enough to cover the vast majority of UK homes and the surrounding area providing freedom, independence and peace of mind for those previously afraid of venturing outdoors to make the most of our beautiful autumn days.

So our advice would be – go and enjoy the garden! Always take care, but above all, don’t forget to wear your pendant.

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