Lifestyle     July 11, 2016

Instagram Proves Old Age is No Barrier to Having Fun

As part of Telecare24’s new refreshed look we decided to open up an Instagram account. At first there was a few heads being scratched in the office as to what we could actually post because there are only so many pictures of key safes and pendant alarms you can post before you literally bore everyone silly. 

So what to do? Well, despite what many people may think – a careline alarm is all about independence, wellbeing and giving older people and their families peace of mind. Our service enables older people across the UK to carry on enjoying the comfort of their home and doing the things they love. We help increase the level of independence rather than take it away.

So we decided to create and nurture our Instagram feed to reflect that. Although in its early stages, it appears there are thousands of elderly people really pushing boundaries as to what can be achieved in older years.

As an example there’s the very elderly couple who recently visited London from Eastern Europe and attended the trendy club Fabric. It seems they had read about the club and put it down on their list for when they visited their daughter. Unsurprisingly they took the club by storm and caused a bit of a media sensation!

Vicky also features on our recent Instagram feed. She is 91 and has dementia which means she has difficulty remembering anything short term and has mobility issues. She’s now taking dancing lessons and the music from her past seems to trigger her long term memory, rolling back the years to when she was younger. It just confirms we still have so much to learn about this debilitating condition.

One of the most inspiring stories revolves around Jurgen Schmidt – at 91 he still swims a mile a day and recently starred in a Speedo Ad, all while caring for his wife who has Dementia. Now we think that’s pretty awesome, especially as he reckons he has swum 24,000 miles in the last 80 years!

There are other stories such as Dilys the 82 year old skydiver and Nels, the kite surfer at the ripe old age of 100! We have lots more stories planned for our Instagram feed and by all means if you know someone that is doing something amazing in old then we would love to hear from you. In the meantime why not check out our Instagram feed and follow us?

One thing  seems abundantly clear though– old age is not stopping thousands of elderly people across the country live happy, fulfilling and exciting lives!

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