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11 Cold Busting Ideas to Keep Your Home Warm

Winter is on its way and many older people are worried about keeping their homes warm and the heating bills that land on the mat. This will be of special concern for the tens of thousands of pensioners that will be taken off e.ons’ Stay Warm Tariff next week. The rise in their fuel bills is set to soar by £180 a year.

So TeleCare24 have come up with 11 cold busting ideas to keep your home warm this winter and save you money.

  • Close your curtains or shutters at dusk. If you can have your curtains lined this will increase the warm air trapped in your home even more. Triple glazing will also help keep the heat in.
  • Keeping your internal doors shut really helps retain the heat. Look for small spaces where heat can escape – use draught excluders in places such as under doors and letter boxes.
  • Regularly bleed your radiators – and put some reflector boards on any that are positioned on outside walls. Use radiator thermostats to control the heat more efficiently.Thermostatic valves help control the heat.
  • Check your floorboards and skirting boards for gaps and 15% of your heating is lost through the floor. Beading can help plug those gaps – insulation can help even further.
  • If you have a careline alarm – ask your provider to supply an ambient temperature sensor. This wirelessly connects to your alarm and if the temperature drops below safe levels, it will notify your alarm centre who will then contact you to assist. This is a great idea if you sometimes forget to put the heating on and will ensure you can stay safe in your home despite the cold weather.
  • If you have a fireplace that more decorative than functional use then use a chimney pillow to make the chimney airtight.
  • Make sure your water storage tank has an insulated hot water jacket.
  • Ensure your cavity walls and loft is insulated. 50% of the heat is lost this way and proper insulation can save you £255 a year. You can get subsidies for the cost, contact your local authority for details.
  • Wall and Loft insulation
  • Install a programmable thermostat. If you have one already, make sure it works correctly. Reducing the room temperature by just 1 degree can save you £55 a year.
  • How old is your boiler? Investing in an A-grade condensing boiler can save you £235 a year. If you have had your existing boiler more than 15 years, then it may be time to replace it.
  • Check other suppliers’ tariffs. Switching suppliers can take two months so it’s a good idea to look around now before the cold really sets in. Use a comparison website such as

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