Keysafe – Vital for Fast Access

Many people purchase a careline alarm for an elderly relative to ensure that emergency help is available at all times. For many relatives this provides a great deal of comfort, especially if they live some distance away. When choosing a careline service, distance can present an issue as some careline providers such AgeUK insist that at least two key holders live close to the careline user. The reality of modern family life is that families can often live a long way from each other, or at least more than the 20 minutes stipulated by some careline providers. Many TeleCare24 customers have chosen our careline service as we don’t ask for a minimum number of key holders. If relatives are situated more than 20 minutes away or if in fact there are no key holders available at all, all TeleCare24 ask is that you have a key safe installed.

What is a KeySafe?

A Key safe is a small metal box that securely stores a number of keys to your home. It’s normally secured on the wall near your front door, or another convenient location on the outside of your home. Some people are happier locating the key safe at the rear of their premises, but obviously it’s best if the keysafe is easily accessible. There are many key safes available on the market today; all with varying degrees of build quality. Access to the contents of the safe is only possible by entering a pre determined combination code of numbers or letters that will open the safe door.

Why is a KeySafe Beneficial?

There are over 85,000 999 calls every single day. KeySafes are perfect for careline alarm users that don’t have any relatives or friends living nearby that have a key to their home. They are also really helpful if key holders are away and won’t be available to respond to any request to allow emergency personnel access to the careline alarm user’s home. Many people also use a keysafe to allow care workers and other regular trusted visitor’s access to their home, especially if they find getting to the front door a problem.

Careline Providers and KeySafes

Careline providers such TeleCare24 recommend as many customers as possible get a key safe fitted. Even if relatives with keys live close by nearby, there may be a situation whereby they may not always be available and a keysafe ensures we can provide access to a user’s home quickly if needed. The combination access code is stored securely on our computer system and is only viewable to our operators once the pendant alarm has been raised and a call is made to our 24 / monitoring centre. If the careline operator ascertains that Emergency Services are required at the property they will inform the relevant service of the access code. The paramedics on route to the client’s home will be informed of the access combination code, which will enable them to enter the home and provide all the care that’s needed. Customers may decide to change the access code from time to time. If this is the case, it’s imperative that you inform the careline service of the new access code. What Key Safes are Available? There are many key safes on the market today at various price points and are made by various manufacturers such as Yale, Solon, and Burton Safes. TeleCare24 provide customers with a choice of what we view as the best two available within their price bracket, the Yale Key safe and the Solon XL Keysafe. The Yale Key safe is priced at just £39 and is a brilliant way to store your keys on an outside wall of your home. It has a resettable 4 digit combination lock and can hold three keys. The Solon XL Keysafe is the more expensive option at just over £70, but has a more extensive locking combination and is made of zinc alloy, making it very secure and is  Police Approved Key Safe. To find out more click here.

Key Safe Installation

Generally speaking a key safe is secured with 4 screws that are located on the back plate of the key safe. You can only access these screws by knowing the combination access code that opens the front of the safe which then displays the keys and the back plate. Installation is very simple and there are videos on the TeleCare24 website to show you how this is done. If you have all the tools needed, it should take no more than 10 minutes. If there is no one to do this for you, TeleCare24 can arrange an engineer to visit to install this for you – its costs just £55 inc VAT. A simple key safe ensures that Emergency personnel and other authorised persons can gain access to a home, whether there are key holders nearby or not. In our view, the more careline users that have a Key safe, the more chance we have of providing help fast!

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