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Remember to Test Your Careline Alarm

Every day our alarms and careline team are helping thousands of people to live independently and confidently with the added benefit of providing peace of mind for their families.

We often receive heartwarming reviews, letters and phone calls from thankful users and family members alike who want to express their gratitude that Telecare24 was on hand to help when it was needed.

Sometimes, however, we hear of a situation where somebody has needed help from us and has not been able to get it.

It’s incredibly rare for there to be issues with our equipment, but there may come a time when something outside of our control stops your alarm from working correctly. One of the most common issues that could prevent a careline alarm from working is a bad connection somewhere or a faulty phone line. Another example might be if the alarm battery ran flat, although this is very uncommon.

How to test your careline alarm

We hope that our users never have the need to trigger their alarm but, unfortunately, sometimes it cannot be avoided. When you have a careline alarm – a life-saving device you rely on – you want the assurance that when you call for help it’ll be there.

For this reason, we encourage all our customers to be proactive and regularly test their alarms at least once a month to help us identify any issues and fix them as quickly as possible.

To test your equipment, press the button on your pendant (the part you wear on your wrist or on a lanyard around your neck) and then wait by the base unit for our team to start speaking to you. If you are a Buddi customer, just make sure you have the Buddi Clip device with you.


Our advice applies to any types of alarms you may have in your home.

Have you recently tested your burglar or smoke alarms?

There’s no need to be concerned when testing your alarm

You may worry that testing your alarm will dial straight through to 999 and waste emergency services time.

This is not the case. When you trigger your alarm, the first people you speak to will be our 24/7 monitoring team who will ask you if you are okay before determining whether the emergency services are needed.

Rest assured that, although we react without hesitation or delay when an emergency call is placed, our operators are trained to know the difference and are very happy to take your test calls.

When we answer, just let us know that you are simply testing your alarm.

Need some assistance?

We’ve put together a handy testing sheet that you can download and print the form using the link below.

Download our testing sheet

It’s rare for there to be any issues with our equipment. In the unlikely event there is a problem, please contact us as quickly as possible by one of the methods below.

Freephone 0800 180 82 20
Mon-Thurs 9 am to 5 pm
Fridays 9 am to 4.30 pm

Be sure to tell us the name of the account holder and their postcode.

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