Business News     October 5, 2020

Telecare24 raises £1,400 for Macmillan Coffee Morning 2020

This year has been challenging. Is that the understatement of the year? The pandemic has brought uncertainty, pain, sadness, confusion, changing millions of lives globally. 

We weren’t sure if the Macmillan coffee morning would be happening this year, but we were committed to making it work. We vowed to raise more money than last year through donating a portion of our sales, and at a total of £1,400, we’re beyond thrilled. 

Who is Macmillan Cancer Support?

“Whatever cancer throws your way, we’re right there with you.”
– Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support is a charity that offer resources, information and assistance to those diagnosed with cancer. They cover all bases from emotional support through to helping with money and work. Macmillan has provided a safe place for those who need to talk to cancer nurse specialists, welfare rights advisors, dieticians, occupational therapists and cancer survivor volunteers.

Macmillan has been an incredible resource for me and my family. Whenever we have been told something by a Doctor that we didn’t quite get, we have always been able to rely on Macmillan to have everything explained on their website in a way that we could easily understand. They really know their stuff. I’d recommend anyone get in touch, especially for information on how to deal with and understand what you’re going through.”
– Telecare24 Digital Marketing Manager

What is Macmillan Coffee Morning?

Macmillan Coffee Morning began as a humble gathering back in 1990, where guests would meet up over a coffee and donate the cost of their brew to the charity. It snowballed each year from there, resulting in the multi-million-pound fundraiser it stands as proudly today.

Since their modest beginnings, they’ve raised a total of £275m through the coffee morning’s alone. Last year, £27.5m was added to that remarkable figure.

Macmillan Coffee Morning is a perfect opportunity for people to come together and share their own experiences over a hot cup of coffee and a slice of cake.

One in two of us will face cancer, with the majority of us having been touched by it in some capacity, whether it’s personally, or as a family member or friend. It can be a profoundly troubling illness. Macmillan is attempting to unpick and normalise the talk surrounding cancer, and its complexities, so no one feels isolated, alone or scared during or after diagnosis.

A coffee morning is a great excuse for everyone in the office to have a bit of fun and a lot of cake while raising awareness. It’s a massive, national celebration of the monumentally positive and life-changing services Macmillan provide at such a pivotal time in people’s lives.

How has COVID-19 affected the coffee morning?

With so many offices shut this year, and with staff working from home, it seemed as though the coffee morning might crack under pressure. But in true Macmillan style, they vowed that “nothing stops a coffee morning”.

Socially distanced events and virtual meetups have taken place on September 25th. Everyone came together to show just how vital cancer awareness and fundraising truly is, pandemic or not.

COVID-19 has been a particularly troublesome time for cancer patients, with delayed treatments, care and diagnosis. Macmillan started a campaign to ensure the government are taking accountability for their actions as we carry on.

The campaign is urging the government to take quick action in tackling the backlog of critical medical appointments, surgeries, care plans and cancer treatments. They’re also demanding patients receive a personalised approach when services start back up.

Find out how you can play your part towards #TheForgottenC campaign here.

How did we fundraise for Macmillan Coffee Morning in 2020?


We’re a small office so raising a substantial amount of money between us can be a bit of a hurdle to climb. Last year, we proudly raised £2,121 by taking part in the Alzheimer’s Society Memory Walk. 

Telecare24 pledged to donate a percentage of every sale in September towards the total raised. We’re excited to say we’ve now sent across £1,400 to Macmillan.

During the coffee morning on September 25th, we had enough cake to sink a battleship and an intense Telecare24 themed game of bingo. Everyone came away with a warm feeling in their bellies after such a feel-good day.

We feel a need as a business to give back to causes that are so critical to the health of a massive proportion of the country through these fundraising events. We speak with hundreds of customers every week whose lives have been deeply affected by cancer.

“Having only been given the news that my brother has incurable cancer last week and has months to live, Macmillan will no doubt step up to the plate and provide support for my parents, myself and without doubt, my brother. Testing times ahead. Who would have thought when we said to go ahead with the fundraiser, how timely it would be.”
Telecare24 Colleague

Macmillan Cancer Support makes a genuine, tangible difference in people’s lives. They’re on the ground, guiding people in the right direction during a time of anxiety and difficulty. They support and console, with years of experience under their belts. Macmillan Cancer Support deserves every penny raised and then some for the light they shine for those who may feel in the dark.

Donate to Macmillan Cancer Support by clicking here 

Sign up to hold your own Macmillan Coffee Morning at home or in the office by clicking here

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