Business News     May 27, 2016

Testing Testing! Is Your Careline Alarm Working?

Are you testing your careline alarm unit?

Here at TeleCare24 we hope our users never have cause to press their buttons and it’s only ever there for peace of mind. Unfortunately, we know this is not the case, but are always grateful of the letters and phone calls we receive from thankful family members wishing to express their gratitude that TeleCare24 was on hand to provide assistance when it was needed. As with all alarms, it is essential to test your careline alarm regularly to ensure that, if it is ever needed, the alarm is in full working order. This of course applies to all alarms, including burglar and smoke alarms. Today’s blog post is to remind existing users of TeleCare24 to test the alarm at least once a month. It’s a suspicion of ours that many users are concerned about testing the unit, believing it to be akin to dialing 999 to ask for a weather update. Please rest assured that although our operators react without hesitation or delay when an emergency call is placed, they are trained to know the difference and are very happy to handle test calls. At TeleCare24 we have recently begun to include test reminder sheets with our units. We suggest users keep these sheets near to their units and check off each calendar month as and when that month’s test has been completed. If you do not have one of these sheets and would like one, please contact our offices and one of our members of staff will have one posted to you at no extra cost. As always, should you or any of your family members have any concerns or questions about TeleCare24 please contact us on 0800 180 8220… but please, don’t ask for a weather update – our offices are based in South Wales and the outlook always lets us know of a chance of rain.

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