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Walsall Community Alarms and Telecare – Assisting Walsall Residents After Community Alarm Closure

Last Updated: 04/03/19

Important Notice for Existing Walsall Community Alarm Customers
Easily Switch Your Community Alarm to Telecare24
New Customers Living in Walsall
Information for the Visually Impaired

*Update 04/03/2019* – Walsall Council has now closed the Community Alarm Service for local residents. If you have a personal alarm supplied by the council it will not work and will not connect. If you require a careline alarm with 24/7 monitoring then you can easily sign up with Telecare24 by calling 0800 1808540. Please refer to the section below Easily Switch Your Community Alarm to Telecare24.

On October the 24th 2018, Walsall Council made the decision to close its Community Alarm service by the 4th of March 2019. This will affect over 7,000 users who currently receive the telecare service directly from the council.

The decision was made after a report was published highlighting a budget shortfall within the service and an analysis of the investment required to provide a careline service that was fit for purpose.

After considering a number of options, the council decided to decommission its SOS alarm service. All residents within the Walsall Borough who wish to continue using a community alarm will have to select an alternative provider.

In an effort to reduce the impact of the Walsall closure, Telecare24 has introduced a range of measures to assist residents in Walsall. Telecare24 has agreed to provide new careline alarms to residents of Walsall at a discounted rate, for all users who want to carry on using a community alarm. 

Stewart Smith, Director at Telecare24 commented, “We are delighted to be able to offer the residents of Walsall the opportunity to be connected to our service.” He added, “Residents will get new, state-of-the-art SOS alarm equipment at a reduced cost, as well as access to our new multi-million-pound control centre. We look forward to welcoming Walsall residents to the leading careline alarm service in the UK, and we can assure them they will be in the best hands possible.”

Switching Community Alarm Providers

To prevent any service failures it would be best to organize your new alarm as soon as possible.

With plans starting from just £1.90 per week, switching your community alarm service over to Telecare24 couldn’t be easier. We’ll even give you your new equipment for free unless you already have careline equipment that is compatible with our service.

If you are a current Walsall careline user, we are confident that we can help switch you over to Telecare24 with no disruption to your service. We have some great introductory offers available to the council’s existing customers, as well as discounts for residents of Walsall who don’t already have a careline service.

In case you’ve never heard of us before, here are a few reasons why you should choose us to give you and your loved one’s peace of mind at home:

  • No disruption to your service
  • New equipment for free
  • Introductory offers across all plans
  • Access to the most advanced control centre in the UK – we answer calls within 8 seconds.
  • Monitoring 24/7 – 365 days a year.

We have a  dedicated team here at Telecare24 who have been specially trained to help Walsall residents switch to our service easily and quickly. Give us a call on 0800 180 8540 to get started.

Our Walsall Community Alarm Plans

We offer plans to suit everybody, from our basic personal alarm to our fall alarm plan for those who are prone to taking a tumble at home. We won’t charge you a fee for the equipment.

Important Notice for Existing Walsall Community Alarm Customers

If you are an existing Walsall community alarm customer, then you should know that the Walsall council has given you until March 4th, 2019 to move your careline service to a new provider. As of March 4th, 2019, your lifeline alarm will stop working.

To keep your service running, you should contact Telecare24 immediately to discuss switching your provider before you lose your service. You may even be able to use the equipment originally supplied by Walsall Council when you switch to us, depending on the make and model of the careline alarm you were given.

Switch Your Alarm to Telecare24

If you have one of the Tunstall Lifeline V or Tunstall Lifeline Vi careline alarms shown below, then we will be able to easily move you across to our service without the need for installing any new equipment in your home. This includes any additional sensors you may have linked to the system such as a smoke detector or door exit sensor. If you aren’t sure if your lifeline alarm is compatible, just give us a quick call and we’ll help you find out.

Tunstall Vi careline alarm

A Tunstall Lifeline Vi Careline Alarm

To switch over to Telecare24 and to keep your careline service intact then please give our team a call immediately on 0800 1808540.

As a special offer for Walsall residents who are able to use their existing equipment, we are happy to offer a discount and to waive the initial fee. To take advantage of this offer, please use one of the two discount codes below or quote one on the phone when you call us to switch over your service.

(Please note this offer has now expired)

Plan Discount New Cost Initial Fee Discount Code
Annual Standard Plan
(Using Own Equipment)
£66 OFF £99 p/y No initial fee WALSALLOWN99
Fall Alarm Plan
(Using Own Equipment)
£45 OFF £190 p/y No initial fee WALSALL45


New Customers Living in Walsall

If you are a resident of Walsall but you are not already a Walsall community alarm customer and you want the peace of mind that a careline service like ours gives you, then rest assured that ordering a new telecare alarm is very easy and can either be done online, by phone, or by post.

Discounts for All Residents of Walsall

If you do not already have careline equipment at home then you can still get a discount on a new alarm from Telecare24. Simply quote one of the discount codes below when you place your order.

Discount New Cost Initial Fee Discount Code
Annual Standard Plan £21 OFF £99 p/y £45 initial fee WALSALL99
Monthly Standard Plan £45 OFF £13.99 p/m No initial fee WALSALL45
Fall Plan £45 OFF £190 p/y No initial fee WALSALL45
Careline Anywhere £45 OFF £249 p/y No initial fee WALSALL45


Order by Phone

  • Call 0800 180 85 40 and speak to one of our friendly team. We’ll help you find the right careline plan for you.
  • Make sure you tell us that you are a resident in Walsall so we can give you a discount on your new alarm.

Order Online

  1. Go to our careline plans page and select the best plan for you. We offer three plans to choose from including; a standard SOS pendant alarm, a fall alarm plan – ideal if you are prone to taking a tumble at home, and our Careline Anywhere plan – which is a lifeline alarm that works both at home and outdoors.
  2. At the checkout, make sure you enter one of the special offer codes above to get your discount.

Order by Post

  1. Request a free information pack. We’ll mail it out to you by 1st class post.
  2. Complete the enclosed form. Ensure you write “Walsall” at the top of your form so we can apply the correct discount.
  3. Return it to the address provided in the pack.

(Please note this offer has now expired)

Useful Information For Walsall Residents Who Are Blind Or Visually Impaired

If you currently use a Community Alarm from Walsall Council and are visually impaired or blind, we have an audible version of our information pack that you can listen to.

Play the clip below to hear everything you need to know about moving from the Walsall Community Alarm Service to Telecare24, voiced by Dr Hilary Jones.



Walsall Council Community Alarm Partner Event

Telecare24 will be attending the second Community Alarm Service Open Day in January 2019. If you are a Walsall resident and you have any questions about our alarms, come by and talk to our team. The event is taking place at The Crossing at St Paul’s and is completely free to attend.

  • Where: East Room, The Crossings at St Paul’s, Walsall, WS1 1DA
  • When: Tuesday 15th January 2019, from 11 am until 3 pm

Please note, this event has now passed, but it’s not too late to switch your community alarm over to Telecare24. Get in touch to learn more.

*Standard Telecare24 terms and conditions apply. Introductory discount is available to residents within the Walsall area only. After the first 12 months, the cost of the annual plan returns to the standard price.

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