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Which? Produces Guide to Help You Choose the Right Telecare Service

Which? are one of the UK’s leading consumer charities and they’ve just launched a telecare guide to help you decide what type of equipment and service is best suited for your needs.

Although this impartial guide doesn’t recommend any particular alarm provider, it does offer some very helpful information if you’re looking for a careline alarm for yourself or a relative.

You can give the report a read here.

This post outlines some of the most important points raised in the guide and will help you to discover if Telecare24 meet the Which? recommendations.

What Telecare Equipment Do You Need?

Which? recommends you select the right type of equipment to suit your current needs. In short, don’t buy something you don’t yet require.

This could be a basic pendant and base unit which enables you to get help if you feel unwell or have an accident at home.

The Which? article points out that the risk of falling increases with age, therefore prompting you to consider a fall detector, which provides additional peace of mind. The Fall Alarm plan works very much like a pendant but it has the additional function of detecting a fall. Once triggered, the device will automatically contact the dedicated team in the monitoring centre for help.

Telecare24 offer a range of careline plans to suit your needs. You can upgrade your plan to reflect any changes in your circumstances. For example, you may initially decide to select the Pendant Alarm plan, which includes a pendant and a base unit that is connected to our 24/7 monitoring service. Further down the line if you begin to feel unsteady around the home you can contact us to swap your equipment to our Fall Alarm plan. We’ll then swap your pendant for a fall sensor. 

Do You Need Your Alarm Monitored?

When you press your pendant, it triggers the base unit to call our emergency response centre. Which? recommend choosing a monitored service rather than just an alarm that calls family directly. A monitored service is manned by professional operators 24 hours a day and will always be available to you should you need assistance. It’s a far more secure way of raising an alarm for help.

All pendant alarms provided by Telecare24 are monitored by our care team 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. On average our team responds to your pendant alarm triggering within 9 seconds.

Is the Provider Registered with the TSA?

Which? recommend the service you select is a registered member of the Telecare Services Association. This is important as the TSA regulates the industry and regularly audit the control centres to ensure standards are maintained.

Telecare24 is a member of the TSA and is regularly audited by the TSA, ensuring our clients receive the very highest levels of service.

Check the Range of Your Pendant Alarm

You may want to wear your alarm around the home or even in the garden so it’s important to check the range.

The equipment you receive from Telecare24 will depend on the plan you choose. Therefore the distance between the pendant and base unit will vary from plan to plan. Check our comparison table to see what best suits you.

Is the Equipment Waterproof and How Long Do The Batteries Last?

Which? suggests always find out how waterproof your pendant is and how long the battery will last. This is helpful information because you may feel you want to wear the pendant in the shower or bath. You also don’t want to worry about whether your pendant batteries will run out and not work in the event of an emergency.

Telecare24 pendants are all waterproof up to IP67, which means you can wear them in the bath or shower. With regards to batteries, these generally last around 5 years. When the battery in your pendant reaches low power we will automatically receive a low battery alert and will contact you to arrange a replacement. This service is all covered under the cost of your plan.

Do You Need a Keysafe?

Key safes can prove invaluable in an emergency. They are lockable metal boxes, typically located near your front or rear door at home. They can normally store up to 5 keys and commonly have a combination lock mechanism to allow authorised people to access your keys. Monitoring centres will store the access code and pass this onto the Emergency Services if they need to gain access to your home and you are unable to let them in. Which? recommend a Police approved Keysafe.

Telecare24 provides two kinds of key safes that you can purchase with your plan.

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