Lifestyle     May 25, 2016

You’re not a Burden – Press that Pendant!

A recent survey  found that only 6% of over 65’s describe themselves as old. The survey covered an age range of 65-93, indicating that the vast majority of people of a pensionable age don’t view themselves as old and perhaps only those of the upper age range thought of themselves this way.

The survey also threw up some other interesting observations:

30% objected to the terms old, elderly and OAP.
39% were happier than at any other time in their life
63% thought that being old was just a mindset

Worryingly, 21% of those interviewed said they were worried about being a burden to friends and family as they got older, although, on a more positive note, 83% thought they could still make a real difference to this country.

It’s the thought of being a burden that we really want to home in on. Very often here at TeleCare24, we are contacted by people who live alone, are in a vulnerable situation and very often have an ongoing health condition. They often want to order a careline alarm so that they can feel safer at home

We often hear the phrase “I don’t want to bother anyone” – which would seem to suggest the survey is an accurate portrayal of older people’s feelings. The reality of the situation is that the vast majority of relatives or neighbours are always willing to help out where they can. Its most likely older people are just afraid to ask – which is understandable. They must look at the busy lives of their offspring and wonder how they must fit everything in; “they surely won’t have time for me” would be a logical assumption.

It’s true to say a careline pendant alarm does go some way to making people feel a little more secure at home. The pendant worn around the home is a visible reminder that if help is required, it’s just a push of a button away. Yet, some are reluctant to press this too, thinking they don’t want to be a burden. But the point is – that’s what we are here for. Our careline team are here 24/7 – we are happy to receive a pendant alarm call, no matter how insignificant you think the issue is. My father in law even used it the other day to ask how to use his DVD player. Whilst the operator was unfortunately unable to give any real assistance, the call didn’t bother us at all. We are just glad it was used! So to emphasise, you are not a burden, press that pendant!

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