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How Your Careline Pendant Call is Handled

Getting help from the Telecare24 care team couldn’t be easier. Please read-on to see how peace of mind is only ever 4 simple steps away.

1. Press Your Pendant

To get help press your pendant alarm or the base unit. You can do this from anywhere in the home or garden. Your pendant is waterproof and works approximately 100 metres (300 ft) from the base unit.

If you have fallen and you are wearing our fall sensor, then you don’t press your pendant. Our fall sensor will recognise you have fallen and will automatically contact our care team within a few seconds.  

2. We Answer

Within a very short time you will be speaking to one of our care team through the loudspeaker on the base unit. The speaker is extremely loud (around 90dB) so you can hear this throughout your home.

We will already know who you are, where you live and any other relevant details so this saves a lot of time. We will try and assess your situation to get you the most appropriate help.

If we cannot hear you as you may be in the garden or upstairs, they will try your home phone. If they are still unable to speak to you to confirm you are OK, they will contact the Emergency Services.

3. Help Is On The Way

Once your situation has been assessed, we will organise the most appropriate help. This could be assistance from individuals nearby, nominated by you when you join Telecare24.

However, if your situation requires immediate medical attention, then we will call the Emergency Services. We will also notify your contacts of the situation.

4. Reassurance

In times of distress, reassurance can play a huge role in keeping you calm and reducing risk of further injury. That’s why, where possible we will stay on the line with you until help arrives.

Our team are trained to help reduce stress and anxiety whilst you wait for help. To ensure you get the help you need, our team will have provided all information about your situation to those attending, so you can be assisted immediately upon their arrival – with no time wasted.  

“100% of our clients feel our care team are
 friendly, reassuring and understanding”

A careline alarm is ideal if you or a loved one is:

    • Elderly and at risk of falling
    • Living alone with memory problems
    • Suffering short-term illness
    • A victim of domestic violence
    • Returning home from hospital
    • Living alone and needing reassurance
    • Suffering long-term:
      – Dementia
      – Epilepsy
      – Heart disease
      – Physical or Learning disability
      – Sensory problems
      – Stroke
      – Diabetes
      – Cancer

Discover the main features of our alarm and how the wireless pendant works.

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