Additional Sensors

- Provides Extra Protection
- Easy Setup
- Connect Up To 32 Sensors
- Ideal For Clients With Multiple Conditions


Additional Sensors

Our careline alarm can connect to an array of sensors, which is great if you want to monitor other potential risks around the home. All the sensors below can be ordered as additional products and we can dispatch them already linked to your new careline alarm.

Smoke Alarm

Telecare24 smoke alarms will automatically sound an alarm in your home and automatically raise an alert to our care team if smoke is detected in your home. This gives you early warning that you should leave your property and the reassurance that help is on its way.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon monoxide is a gas that has no smell, taste or colour and can be fatal. These detectors provide an immediate when they detect dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. The alarm will sound in your home and our care team will also be alerted so that appropriate help can be provided

Temperature Extremes Sensor

Temperature extremes sensors will detect extremes of temperature and automatically alert our control centre. This is ideal for detecting a fire in a kitchen where a smoke alarm would not be suitable as it would give false alarms e.g when using a toaster.

Bogus Caller Alert

Bogus caller buttons are sometimes called ‘panic buttons’ a bogus caller button can be installed next to the front door or beside your bed. This allows you to simply press the button, automatically raising an alarm to us, if you fear that a bogus caller or burglar is trying to break into your property. We can then listen to the situation and intervene, perhaps calling the police if necessary.

Flood Detector

These sensors can provide early warning of overflows and leaks that may grow to become a flood. These are ideal if you are inclined to forget to turn off your taps in the kitchen or bathroom.

PIR Detector

These monitor your movement (but do NOT take pictures or video of you). If they do not sense movement in a room for a prolonged period of time then they can trigger an alarm call to your help centre in case you have fallen over and are lying on the floor in another part of your house or garden.

Pull Cords

Pull cords can be positioned in areas where you are unlikely to wear a fall detector or personal alarm button. For example, they can be positioned next to the bed or in the bathroom. If you fall then you can reach and pull the pull cord to trigger an alarm call to your help centre.

Epilepsy Sensor

Epilepsy sensors monitor your vital signs, such as your heart rate and breathing pattern whilst you are in bed to detect if you experience an epileptic seizure. Upon detection of a seizure an alarm call is automatically sent to your help centre.

Our sister website has one of the largest collections of epilepsy alarms in the UK, which can be used as stand alone monitors or used in conjunction with the Telecare24 service – these range from bed sensors from Emfit and Alert-It, through to wrist worn sensors such as the PulseGuard and Epi-Care.  

Fall Sensor

If you or a loved one are a little unsteady or are prone to suffering a fall, then a fall sensor could be a great idea. A fall sensor works in exactly the same way as a wrist worn pendant, with a small button that can be pressed to summon help if you need assistance . If you fall over, the inbuilt accelerometer will detect this and automatically activate a call to our control centre.

Our care team will know that a fall sensor has activated the call and will immediately arrange for assistance. You can find out more about Fall Sensor Plan here.  

Our Fall Sensor Plan can be ordered online, whilst all other sensors listed can be ordered by calling us on 0800 180 8540

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