Careline Anywhere

- No phone line needed
- No additional telephone costs
- Ideal for active seniors
- Suitable for people with long term medical conditions who want to live independently



The new Careline Anywhere service from Telecare24 means you can now access our fantastic 24/7 careline service wherever you are, at home or away. We are on hand when you spend time at home and we will also be there for you when you are out and about. 

Careline Anywhere – At Home

The Careline Anywhere system works just like a normal careline alarm when you are at home. If you need assistance, just press your Pendant and you will be connected to one of our care team who can then get you the help you need.

Careline Anywhere – Away

Our Careline Anywhere system helps you be as active and as independent as possible. This is important as evidence suggests that active older people have a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, dementia and even cancer. Our technology keeps you safe 24 hours a day, 365 days a years, anywhere.

When you are away from home, simply take your TAG (Careline Anywhere GPS) Mobile with you. If you need help, simply press the SOS key and our team will be on hand to assist, just like if you were at home. You will be able to have a two way conversation with us and the TAG is equipped with the latest GPS technology, so we will know your exact location, even if you are unsure where you are.

We can get you help quickly and if necessary inform the Emergency Services of your situation and precise position. As with our standard careline service we will also let loved ones and carers know when you have requested help.

Careline Anywhere is designed for people who spend time away from their home and are still relatively active. If you or a loved one spends the majority of their time at home then our Standard Careline alarm plans maybe more suitable.

Careline Anywhere…for Home and Away

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How Careline Anywhere Works

The system is made up of three parts, a Base Unit, a Pendant and a TAG Mobile device that all connect to our 24/7 monitoring centre and dedicated care team.

The Base Unit

The base unit simply plugs into a mains socket and is ready to use out of the box. You can request help via the SOS button on the unit or by using the Home Pendant. Its powerful microphone and speaker allow our care team to speak to you whilst at home.

The speaker is over 90db, so you will be able to hear our operator clearly throughout your home – even if you are hard of hearing. The highly sensitive microphone will be able to detect your voice – even if you are in another room.

The Base Unit also acts as a cradle charger for the Mobile Pendant, so its ready to be taken with you fully charged when you leave your home.

As the base unit uses the mobile signal in your home there is no need for a landline connection like standard telecare equipment.

The Pendant

The Home Pendant can be worn either around the wrist or around the neck with the lanyard included, whichever you feel more comfortable with. It’s waterproof so you can wear it in the shower or in the bath.

If you require assistance when at home you simply press the SOS button which will activate the Base Unit, connect a call to our care team who will then be on hand to help you.

The Base Unit also acts as a cradle charger for the Mobile Pendant, so its ready to be taken with you fully charged when you leave your home.

The Home Pendant has a range of up to 200m from the Base unit so you can even use it in the garden.

The TAG Mobile

When you need to leave your home, just take the TAG Mobile that’s located in the Base Unit cradle with you.

The TAG will connect to the strongest mobile signal available, whatever mobile network that maybe. The advanced GPS function provides us with the details of your position if you ever press the SOS button for help. Activating the SOS key will connect you to our team where you can have a two-way conversation and we can get you the most appropriate help.

The TAG has a battery time of up to 30 hours on one charge.

Careline Anywhere…for Home and Away

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