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What is a Careline Service?

A careline service provides support for people who may require emergency assistance from time to time.

You can access the service by ordering one of our plans, where we will provide you with all the equipment you need to be connected to our state of the art control centre and dedicated careline team. Our team will assess your needs and then organise for you to get the help you need, which may be a paramedic, a family member or a carer, depending on the situation.

Our fast response time is one of the primary reasons customers use Telecare24 as their careline provider. Audited statistic show that the Telecare24 care team answer customer pendant calls in under  9 seconds, giving you the reassurance that you will always get help as quickly as possible.

Our current average answer time for this month is: 8.0 seconds

Fall Alarms

Falling is the most common cause of admission to hospital for the over 65s. In fact, 1 in 3 people over 65 fall over each year which rises to 50% if you are over 80. If you or a loved one are unsteady or prone to suffering a fall then a fall alarm would be worth considering.

Careline Anywhere

The New Careline Anywhere plan is perfect if you are still very active and want peace of mind when you are away from home.

You get a pendant for when you are home and a small GPS device to take with you when you go out.

Case Studies

Mr D aged 47 suffering from epilepsy, diabetes, arthritis and premature dementia. Due to his epilepsy and diabetes Mr D was suffering frequent seizures resulting in falls, which required hospital treatment and/or stays as an inpatient. His clinicians were conscious that many of these admissions or A & E visits could be avoided if assistance could be given as soon as possible after the event, as most of the times it was several hours before the next planned care visit.

How It Works


Press your pendant

To get help press your pendant alarm or the base unit. If you have fallen and you are wearing our fall detector, then you don’t need to press your pendant, our fall sensor will recognise you have fallen and will automatically contact our care team within a few seconds.


We answer

Within a very short time our care team will begin communication through your loudspeaker base unit. Your call handler will then assess your situation to get the most appropriate help. We will already have your personal information on file so that help will be sent as soon as we identify the nature of your accident.


Help is on the way

Once your situation has been assessed, we will organise the most appropriate help. This could be assistance from individuals nearby, nominated by you when you join Telecare24. However, if for any reason we cannot speak to you to identify your wellbeing or your situation requires immediate medical attention, then we will call the emergency services. We will also notify your contacts of the situation.



In times of distress, reassurance can play a huge role in keeping you calm and reducing risk of further injury. That’s why, where possible we will stay on the line with you until help arrives. Our team are trained to reduce stress and anxiety whilst you wait for help. To ensure you get the help you need, our team will have provided all information about your situation to those attending, so you can be assisted immediately upon their arrival – with no time wasted.

Choosing a Plan

Optional Extras

Additional Users

Providing Extra Protection

An extra pendant is a great idea if you have someone living at your address who may benefit from your careline alarm. Additional pendants are available on our Standard and Fall Alarm Plans for a small fee. The easiest way to do this is to place your order online and select an additional pendant in the options menu. Alternatively you can place your order by calling us on 0800 180 8540.

Key Safes

Key Safes enable us to get you that assistance really quickly as your property key is held securely inside the key safe. With family or friends potentially living more than 15 minutes away its hard for people to suggest keyholders

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I pay for my careline alarm service?

    You have a number of payment options when you order your careline alarm from Telecare24:
    1. Direct Debit: This is the simplest way to pay for your alarm. You won’t pay anything on the day of purchase and we will write to you when your Direct Debit is set up to take payment. 
    2. Credit / Debit: The quickest way to pay. You can use your card using our secure online payment service, which is processed immediately and gets your order on the way! 
    3. Cheque: Some people still like to use a cheque as a method of payment. As soon as we receive your cheque we will dispatch your alarm.
    4. Paypal: Our latest method of payment. You can order your careline alarm with one click through the Paypal’s secure payment system.

  • Can I purchase your careline alarm without VAT?

    If you have a long term medical condition, HMRC allow you to purchase our careline alarm VAT free. Examples of qualifying conditions include  Arthritis, COPD, Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Deafness / Hard of Hearing, Partial Sight or Stroke. More information is available in our blog post.

    To order your careline alarm VAT free, select your plan and complete the VAT exemption section at our checkout (section 4). There’s nothing else for you to do. 

    Under HMRC rules, please note that a keysafe and keysafe installation options will always have VAT applied, regardless of your VAT exemption status.

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  • Who can use our careline service?

    The service we offer is ideal for anyone who may live alone at home who wants to stay independent, especially if you have a long term medical condition. It also offers peace of mind for people who have family who live some distance away or for individuals who may be vulnerable and need assistance occasionally.

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  • What do I get for my monthly or annual fee?

    Your all-inclusive standard monthly rental includes the Telecare24 Careline Alarm Base Station along with your own waterproof pendant or wrist band. Our Careline Monitoring Team will be on hand 24 hours a day to assist you in any emergency you may have allowing you to have complete peace of mind.

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  • How do I wear my careline Pendant?

    We provide you with a full wearing kit with your Careline Alarm that includes options to wear on your wrist, neck or belt clip. This kit allows you to change your wearing option at any time should you want to.

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  • How is the careline alarm unit installed?

    The alarm unit can be located virtually anywhere in your home. You will need a telephone line with a modern phone socket and a power point close by. Telecare24 uses the existing telephone line – you do not need another installed.

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  • Can I install the careline alarm unit myself?

    Yes. The Telecare24 Careline unit simply needs to be plugged into your existing telephone socket and also needs to be plugged in to the mains for power. It really is that simple.

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  • How many key holders do I need to have?

    Ideally we would suggest you have one key holder who lives within 20 minutes of your home. However, we appreciate that this is not always possible. If you do not have a trusted friend or relative living close by that would be happy to be assigned as a key holder, all we ask is that you have a key safe installed. This will enable authorised persons access to your home in the event of an emergency. Telecare24 can arrange for a key safe to be supplied and installed. Just select that option when you purchase your alarm in the checkout.

  • How is the careline alarm unit activated?

    There are two ways to activate the Telecare24 Careline alarm unit and get help from the Careline alarm centre: 1. By pressing the red button on the base unit. 2. By pressing the button on your pendant or wrist band.

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  • What happens when I press the red button on my careline alarm unit or pendant?

    When you press the button on your Careline unit or pendant, it places a call through to our staff at Careline and alerts them to provide assistance, even if they cannot hear you. When the operator accepts your call their computer will display your details including name, address, doctor, key holder and next of kin information as well as any relevant medical information. Our Operator will talk to you via the powerful loudspeaker and microphone in the Careline unit to establish what has happened and agree the best course of action. If required they will stay on the line with you until help arrives. If we call the emergency services, your next of kin will be informed. No call will be cancelled until the operator is sure the call has been dealt with appropriately.

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  • What happens if I cannot hear you or speak to you?

    Don’t worry, if we have received a call and do not get a response, we will telephone you back immediately. If you do not respond to that call, the operator will have all the information they need to know where to send help and will ask one of your nominated key holders to visit you and check you are safe and well. If you have no local contacts we will call the emergency services. No call will be cancelled until the operator is sure the call has been dealt with appropriately.

  • Can I talk through my pendant?

    If you select the Standard or Fall plan, the pendant supplied activates the Careline Alarm base unit. Even though you cannot speak through the pendant, the powerful microphone in the base unit is extremely sensitive and will enable you to converse normally with our Operator.

    If you select the Careline Anywhere Plan, the pendant you wear when at home works in the same way as our standard pendant. When you go out you will need to take the TAG mobile device with you. When you press the SOS key to summon help you will be able to talk directly into the device and speak to our care team.

  • Do I wear my pendant in bed?

    You can if you wish although generally we recommend you place your pendant on your bedside table but remember to take it with you should you need to get up at night.

  • Can I order an extra pendant?

    Yes you can. This is an excellent idea if you have someone else living in your home who may also benefit from using a Telecare24 careline alarm or you would like another one handy placed in another location in the home. There is no extra monthly fee for the additional pendant. If there is a second user in the home you just need to provide us with their details. Additional pendants are available in the check out when you purchase your alarm for a one off price of just £49. If you are an existing customer and require an additional pendant, then please call 0800 1808540 and we can arrange for one to be delivered to you.

  • Can I wear my pendant in the bath?

    The pendant we supply is waterproof. However, we generally suggest you put your pendant at low level in the bathroom so you can reach it if you fall or get stuck in the bath. The pendant is fine to wear in the shower or bath but should not be fully submerged under water.

  • What happens if I press my careline alarm unit or pendant accidentally?

    If you press either button by mistake just tell the operator when they speak to you that it is an accidental call and they will cancel it. The operator will be pleased that you are safe.

  • Do I need to check that my pendant is working?

    Yes. You need to press your pendant at least once a month to let you and our operators know that your alarm is still working.

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  • Why is the red light flashing on my careline alarm unit?

    The red light flashes when: a call to the Careline is in progress or; there is a power cut or; someone has turned off or unplugged the power to your alarm unit.

  • Why is the green light flashing on my careline alarm unit?

    On some units a green flashing light means that there could be a landline fault or that one of your other phones has been left off the hook.

  • Will my careline alarm unit work if there is a power cut?

    Yes. Your Careline unit will still work as it has a battery back up which will power the unit for approximately 24 hours. (Please do not remove the batteries from your unit). The unit will automatically call through to the control centre a short while after the power supply has been disconnected or if you have a power cut. This means you will be able to speak to the operator even though the electricity supply is switched off. We would also advise that the alarm unit be plugged into the mains using a power surge protector. This will prevent any electrical surges from damaging the unit.

  • What happens if my equipment develops a fault?

    The pendant has batteries which will last for approximately 3-5 years and has an excellent reputation for reliability. If for any reason a fault should develop we will replace the equipment for you.

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