Case Studies

R Dho

My 85 year old mother, Jean, has been living independently at home since my father died more than 13 years ago. With age related illnesses increasingly affecting her, we have pulled in an array of supports to maintain her health and happiness at home, and Telecare was one of the first supports put in place.

After a stay in hospital for surgery 10 years ago, my mum returned home weak and initially dependent on carer visits. She quickly bounced back, but her confidence had left her, and as her daughter, living just 15 minutes away, I needed to know I would be alerted if she needed urgent medical assistance. She was at risk of falls and could never be certain that the phone would be in reach.

The home alarm pendant immediately gave my mum and the family confidence and reassurance that she was never alone or in distress for long. Over the years, she has needed the call button a few times and on every occasion, the alerts to her designated contacts have worked perfectly. In the early days, by accident she pressed the button a couple of times, but the Telecare voice quickly responded, kindly reassuring and calming my mum, making sure she was safe and well.

In the emergency situations, she has used the button to get paramedic assistance and family attendance at her home. It is so distressing to receive that emergency call in the middle of the night, but the Telecare voice is very calming, professional and patient. Without Telecare, response would have taken so much longer, and her health outcomes seriously affected.

As her support needs at home have increased, so too has the Telecare support, most recently upgrading her receiver and supplying a special linked smoke alarm. Again, this gives my mum and all the family reassurance for her safety and allows her to continue to live at home, as she wishes.

My mum is among the growing number of elderly people who are so keen to maintain independent living, wishing to stay in their own home, rather than moving in to a care home. Telecare provides a vital support service, just as important as the wonderful GP service, social care services, the local chemist, and family support.

I liaise with Telecare on my mum’s behalf, keeping them updated with contact details, calling with technical enquiries or any other issue. They are always very helpful and supportive, again reassuring me that my mum is safer because she has a Telecare pendant. I hope this story of my mother’s Telecare service is helpful and gives you a good picture of how it helps her.

Kind regards,
R Dho

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