Published 09/05/2024  •  Updated 21/05/2024  •  By Emma Breedon

Meet Rachel, the Telecare24 Customer Champion!

Rachel is our customer service champion, who is dedicated to ensuring every customer’s journey at Telecare24 is seamless and exceptional. With a keen eye for detail and a heart for service, Rachel goes above and beyond to address enquiries, resolve issues, and ensure that all customers are satisfied with the service they get.

Rachel always takes the time to listen to customers’ needs and work diligently to find the right solution for them.

What Rachel loves the most about her job is helping and supporting others. Every call brings a new opportunity to assist, making her workday exciting and dynamic, whether it is technical troubleshooting, providing setup guidance, or offering insights into our current offers and promotions. And when she receives positive feedback, it’s not just a validation of her efforts but a source of genuine joy.

After a busy day at work, Rachel enjoys being outdoors whilst spending quality time with her family. And on her perfect day off, you’ll likely find Rachel on a camping trip or enjoying a peaceful weekend getaway in nature.

Rachel perfectly represents our dedication to top-notch customer service, combining care, knowledge, and a strong desire to help others, so our customers can rest assured that they’re in the best hands possible.

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