Is a fall alarm worth considering?

Falling is the most common cause of admission to hospital for the over 65s. In fact, 1 in 3 people over 65 fall over each year, which rises to 50% if you are over 80. If you or a loved one are unsteady or prone to suffering a fall, then a fall alarm would be definitely worth considering.

How Does a Fall Alarm Work?

Fall alarms works in exactly the same way as a pendant alarm, with a small button that can be pressed to summon help if you need assistance. However, fall alarms contain an inbuilt accelerometer that can detect if you have fallen, and will automatically raise an emergency call to our care team. As with our standard pendant alarms, our fall alarms work anywhere around your home or garden, however you get an extended range of up to 200m from the base unit.

Immediate Assistance

Once our care team receive the alert, they will know that your fall alarm has activated the call and will immediately arrange to get you the most appropriate help. Whilst not preventing a fall, a fall detector helps you get assistance faster, reducing the time you could be left on the floor alone – and hopefully reducing the costs involved in aftercare. You don’t have to worry if it’s a false alarm – the inbuilt delay enables you to cancel the emergency call within a few seconds.

How our Fall Alarms Work


Using your pendant alarm The sensor will detect when you take a fall and automatically contact our care team within seconds.


We answer Moments later, our care team will begin speaking to you through your loudspeaker base unit and will assess your situation.


Help is on the way We’ll organise the most appropriate help for you based on your situation, whether that means contacting somebody you elect, or even the emergency services.

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