Key Safes

We are one of the only careline providers who allow you to subscribe to the service even if you don’t have any keyholders living nearby; all we ask is that you install a key safe.

Yale Y500 key safe (open)
The Burton Keyguard Digital XL key safe, secured to a wall outside.
Defender Combination Key Safe
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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our fall alarm.

All key safes are designed to be secure. They are much safer than handing different sets of spare keys or hiding under a garden decoration and provide a discreet way to externally store a spare key.

Yes, they are waterproof as they have a weatherproof protective cover.

It’s easy to change the code on a key safe, and you can do it as often as you like. The steps for changing a key safe’s code vary depending on the product, but in most cases they are simple and require little technical knowledge.

It depends on which key safe box you choose.

  • The Defender Combination Key Safe, which we currently offer free with the Pendant Alarm Plan and Fall Alarm plan, can hold up to 5 keys.
  • The Yale Y500 Key Safe which is the standard key safe option from Telecare24 has space for 3 keys
  • The Burton Keyguard Digital XL is the premium option that can hold up to 3 keys

If you are looking for a simple and secure way to share your keys with trusted contacts our Yale Y500 key safe can be a perfect solution as it provides fantastic value for money.

But if you are looking for even greater security and room for more keys, the Keyguard Digital XL is a perfect choice.

No matter what key safe you have, there’s one thing in common: to open a locked key safe, you must enter the correct code to access the key. For security reasons, there is no other way. Key safes are designed to only open upon entry of the correct code.

Anyone who needs to store and protect keys can use a key safe box. It is particularly useful for homeowners, property managers, businesses, and organisations that need to manage and control access to keys.