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Case Studies – Telecare24 in Action

Client Profile 1
Mr D aged 47 suffering from epilepsy, diabetes, arthritis and premature dementia. Due to his epilepsy and diabetes Mr D was suffering frequent seizures resulting in falls, which required hospital treatment and/or stays as an inpatient. His clinicians were conscious that many of these admissions or A & E visits could be avoided if assistance could be given as soon as possible after the event, as most of the times it was several hours before the next planned care visit.

Role of Telecare24:
His social care worker was put in contact with a local assessment team who went with them to visit Mr D. The assessment recommended the installation of a telecare alarm system with with a fall detector for daytime use and a bed sensor set for 20 minutes absence for the night time. A key safe was installed as well to allow the ambulance crews easy access to the property at night, which was when many of the falls were happening. Telecare was seen by the social care team as the last attempt at keeping Mr D in his own home as otherwise the potential risks and cost of frequent hospital admissions. would dictate that he be moved into some form of residential care.

The telecare equipment was installed and Mr D was able to continue living in his own home with in excess of 80% of his seizures now being picked up by the telecare equipment which has resulted in a considerable reduction in A & E admissions. 

Client Profile 2
Mr A, aged 73 from Kent was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s and early onset of Parkinson’s related dementia. The onset of these conditions has meant that his wife aged 55, is now his permanent carer. In an effort to help keep her husband independent at home she ordered a personal pendant alarm from Telecare24.

Role of Telecare24:
Mrs A decided to order a personal pendant alarm from the Telecare24 website  ”I did a lot of research online and found Telecare24 to be one of the best value available”. She added “Telecare24’s options of offering to pay monthly or upfront for the year gave me extra flexibility.” After returning the completed application form, Mrs A received her alarm within 24 hours. “After sending our form off I received the alarm for my husband really quickly. Installing the alarm was really quite simple, I just had to plug it into my phone line and power socket and it was ready to use, I couldn’t have asked for a better service” said Mrs A.

Mr A now has a Telecare24 Careline pendant alarm that he wears round his neck when his wife is not at home. “Sometimes I need to pop out to run errands so having a Telecare24 personal alarm means I can leave my husband for a short time safe in the knowledge that if he needs emergency assistance all he has to do is press his red button and the Careline staff will be there to help.”Mr A has found the pendant very lightweight which made it easier to move around their home whilst wearing it. He felt the bright red cover that came with the pendant help him easily identify the pendant when at home. “Having the Telecare24 alarm gives us both the independence we need” said Mrs A.


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