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Personal Alarm Accessories

For many older people, a personal alarm plays an invaluable part in helping them stay living in their own home.

As we all know, a man’s home is his castle and no one wants to give that up easily. That’s why more and more people are choosing careline services such as Telecare24 to help them keep hold of that treasured possession, independence. A personal alarm at home consists of a stylish base unit that plugs into the power and telephone sockets. Alarm users can summon help, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by simply pressing their wireless pendant they wear around their wrist or neck.

Careline operators at Telecare24, for example, will try and ascertain what the issue is and provide the appropriate assistance. It’s a simple service that literally saves thousands of lives every year as we help people who have suffered a stroke, heart attack or just need help getting up after a fall. If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of breaking down on the motorway, I’m sure you have never been so happy when the orange or yellow vans pull up with a helpful man in a luminous jacket who gets you back on your way!

Telecare24′s careline service is a little bit like that breakdown service, but instead of protecting your car – it’s protecting you! Hopefully, you don’t have to use it very often, but when you do, you’ll be so glad you had one! Many people purchase a personal alarm service on behalf of a loved one or close friend. Very often they are looking into careline or lifeline services for the very first time and have many questions.

Careline accessories

Careline accessories is an interesting subject as many people are unaware that you can actually connect up a lot of really useful pieces of equipment to your personal alarm, making it a really sophisticated way of monitoring, from assisting people with specific medical conditions to simply just checking you haven’t left the tap running in the kitchen! Here are a few examples of accessories available for personal alarms:

Smoke Alarm These alarms link to the careline box in your home and automatically sounds an alarm in the home and raises an alert to the 24/7 monitoring centre it’s connected to.

Epilepsy Sensor These highly sensitive sensors monitor vital signs such as heart rate and breathing patterns to ascertain when an epileptic fit may occur. Again it’s connected to the 24/7 call centre to raise an alarm if it detects signs the point to an imminent epileptic fit.

Fall Detector With over 8,000 people over the age of 65 falling over and requiring hospital treatment every day, a fall sensor can be an invaluable piece of equipment. The sensor looks like a pendant, but it incorporates an accelerator that can detect when a fall has occurred. An alarm is triggered automatically to the call centre and an operator can summon immediate assistance.

In conclusion, a personal alarm can be set up to be as simple or as complicated as you need it. For those who want reassurance in case of an incident then a basic setup is normally fine.

If however, you have specific medical conditions that require monitoring, then looking at the range of accessories available may be of great use. If you purchase a personal alarm from Telecare24, the accessories are available by calling us so we can discuss your requirements and then recommend the best possible accessories to suit your needs. You can call our helpful staff Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm on 0800 180 8540.

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