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Sneak Preview of New Epilepsy Alarm

Monday the 10th of February 2014 is European Epilepsy Day. To mark this day TeleCare24 will be launching a brand new service called Epilepsy Alarms UK. In addition we will be launching the Epi-Care wrist worn alarm with a Smartphone App to the General Public.
Epi-Care Epilepsy sensor This amazing device can detect a tonic clonic seizure within 7 seconds.

The epilepsy wrist alarm can then send an alert via the Smartphone App to alert friends or family by text, email or voice. The Smartphone App will even send its GPS location giving reassurance to loved ones or guardians.

The Epi-Care alarm can also be set up to alert the highly trained Care Team at TeleCare24 who can then arrange immediate assistance.

This service is going to help some of the 600,000 people living with Epilepsy in the UK. For the first time there is an alarm that can monitor someone wherever they are, as previously epilepsy alarms have been restricted to Bed Sensors.

Dr Hilary Jones said of the Epi-Care, “This device is going to give thousands of people freedom and confidence despite living with Epilepsy. The Epi-Care is really going to reduce the impact Epilepsy can have on peoples’ lives”.

The service aims to benefit both children and adults who suffer with Epilepsy. Now parents of younger children or teenagers can have peace of mind when their children are out and about, knowing they will be alerted if their child suffers a seizure. For people that tend to stay at home more, The Epi-Care wrist alarm can also be set up with an in house pager or careline alarm, providing 24/7 assistance.

The Epi-Care Alarm has undergone 2 years and almost 5,000 hours of clinical tests. The results were startling, showing that the Epi-Care had a 90% detection rate, with an extremely low % of false alarms, a situation that a vast improvement compared to normal epilepsy bed sensors.

Managing Director Neil Evans said, “We are really excited about this new service. It’s an often misunderstood condition and one that is particularly close to my heart”.

To watch our video about “Jack” and his Epi-Care sensor please click here.

To take a closer look at the alarm due to officially launch on Monday, please visit Epilepsy Alarms UK.

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