Mr G

I would like to express my thanks

From Mr G, a Fall Alarm customer

Last week my mother was experiencing an emergency and pressed her wrist button to alert Telecare24. I would like to express my thanks on behalf of my Mother and the family for the excellent response that she received.

…very comforting and much appreciated

She explained to the agent that she suspected she was having a stroke and they alerted the emergency services and passed on the information necessary to access the property as my Mother was on her own. While waiting for them to arrive the agent stayed on the call with my Mother to ensure that her situation did not change and to reassure her. This was very comforting and much appreciated. After a number of tests the paramedics suspected a short mini stroke but she was not admitted to Hospital and remains stable and positive.

I am sure that the quick thinking and very considerate response from Telecare24 helped to ensure this was not a more serious situation.