Peter & Valerie

It's definitely a good thing to have to help reassure us.

From Peter & Valerie, a Pendant Alarm customer

We were after a telecare alarm after we’d heard of friends having falls and having to wait for someone to assist them. One of our friends has a telecare kit and they find it reassuring to have it available, so we thought we would go down the same route. We realised that it isn’t just for falls either, as we can use it if we have any incident where we’re not able to reach a phone, so it’s definitely a good thing to have to help reassure us.

It is nice knowing that if something were to happen, that we’d be able to press a button and be connected instantly to someone who could contact a family member/emergency services if required.

It was my Grandson who found Telecare24 after checking reviews online and comparing different providers.

Your pricing was competitive and you had really good reviews, and so far after having to speak to customer service a few times I can agree with the reviews online.