Trinity Estates

Trinity Estates

When Trinity Estates contacted their careline supplier to see if they could add pendants to their existing system, they were met with a resounding no! The integrated telecare system was too old to upgrade and the cost to decommission the current system and install a more advanced careline system was going to be extremely expensive.

The initial cost of purchasing the system and the potential ongoing maintenance costs made the upgrade expensive and was going to mean considerable increases to the residents’ service charges.

Moving to Telecare24 has been a breath of fresh air. All the alarms were installed in one day and the residents were shown how to use their new alarm. All the residents really like their new stylish units and they are “over the moon” that they can all now use a pendant to get help if they need to.

Marilyn, House Manager

Trinity Estates contacted Telecare24 to see if we could offer some advice. After a series of consultations, Telecare24 proposed to decommission the old telecare system and replaced it with individual dispersed alarms in each apartment. This option had multiple benefits.

Firstly, individual dispersed alarms were a much cheaper alternative to installing a whole new integrated system as there were no upfront costs other than a small installation fee.

Secondly, each resident would now have an alarm in the apartment along with a wireless pendant that can be worn around the neck or the wrist. This would enable a resident to summon help wherever they are, even in communal rooms and they would no longer have to rely on the old fashioned fixed position pull cords.

Thirdly, the overall long-term costs were far lower than an integrated system. There were no maintenance costs to be concerned about and all the equipment had a lifetime warranty, so there was no need to budget for ongoing repairs. This had a potentially positive effect on the service fees for the residents.