The Digital Switchover

Make sure your retirement home is ready.

We can provide you with advice on:

  • Getting ready for the digital switchover
  • Making your current system compatible
  • Installing new equipment
  • Reducing costs

The Digital Switchover and Retirement Properties

Back in 2012, the UK switched off the analogue television network. Every UK household had to purchase a digital TV viewing box from the likes of Freeview if they wanted to continue to watch television.

The UK’s telephone network is about to undergo a similar transition. From 2019, all residential and business telephone users will be switched to a superfast digital network, replacing the old analogue system completely by 2025. All UK service providers are involved in this switchover, and this will have implications for all UK households and businesses, including retirement developments.

How the Switchover Affects Retirement Schemes

When residents need assistance they likely press a pendant or pull cord and speak to an operator who will get them help. Most telecare systems that these are connected to rely on telephone lines to connect residents to the 24/7 careline control centre.

As with the digital TV switchover, if current telecare alarm systems are not upgraded to make them compatible with the new digital network, residents could lose access to this vital service.

The Benefits of Digital Telephone Lines for Telecare Users

The new digital telephone network will enhance your telecare service in several ways, ultimately resulting in a faster, smoother, more reliable careline service for your residents.

Instant connectivity to the careline operator

As soon as you press your pendant you will be instantly connected to an operator. No more waiting for dial tones.

Faster response to emergencies

Operators will be able to assess you much more quickly, getting you the help you need with no delays.

Higher speech quality

Speech will be carried over a superfast digital network with crystal clear quality

Increased reliability

Control Centres will be able to access the alarm remotely to resolve faults.

Enhanced equipment features

New technology will enable many new telehealth solutions to assist users in their home.

In order to take advantage of these and other features, your system will need to be upgraded in the near future. Contact us for a free digital audit.

How Telecare24 Can Help

Evidence suggests many residents, right to manage companies, and developers are unaware of the imminent upgrade to the UK telephone network and how it will affect them. Many do not have a plan in place.

It’s important to act now and to have a strategy in place so that you can manage any switchover seamlessly, without any interruption of service to your residents. Telecare24 have a team of specialists dedicated to help you get ready for the digital switchover.

We can help you understand how your development is going to be affected, the timescales involved and what changes you need to make to be compatible. We can support you along the way, helping you put a plan in place to ensure continuity of service for your residents.

We can provide you with advice on:

  • Getting ready for the digital switchover
  • Making your current system compatible
  • Installing new equipment
  • Reducing costs

We can also provide your development with a free digital audit to get you on the way to being ready for the digital switchover. If you would like a free digital audit then please email us at [email protected] or call us on 0800 180 80 95 to speak to an advisor.

If you are currently reviewing your telecare, maintenance, door entry or fire alarm contracts then we encourage you to get in touch. We offer extremely competitive rates, guaranteed response times and expert technical advice for any development in mainland UK.

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