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Why Grandparents Play a Vital Role in the Modern Family

Grandparents with grandchildren

Most of us have fond memories of our grandparents from when we were children. At some point, when times get hard, we may revisit a time that makes us feel warm and fuzzy. Sometimes that memory involves our grandparents. For this author, that is often the case.

“I fondly remember spending time with my grandparents. From traveling in their 1970s-something Ford Cortina to visiting where they live and seeing the funny things they did, I remember many good times. There were times we would sleep on the living room floor on airbeds in a simple home.

I remember my grandfather teaching us to do finger curls to make our fingers stronger. And I remember the love they showered on us time and time again. To say my grandparents played a vital role in my upbringing is an understatement. As I watch friends have young children of their own and see how their parents help, I have no doubt grandparents play an important role in the family.”

In each family, the role is different. Age, distance, and finances can affect how often a grandparent interacts with a grandchild or grandchildren.

However, the digital age is making communication easier with Skype and FaceTime. Although it is not a replacement for in-person interaction, it is a useful way to stay connected.

The importance of grandparents is vital, no matter what their involvement is. In this article, we will explore why grandparents are important and the roles they provide in the family.

A recent survey suggests 2.2 million people will live in multigenerational homes in the UK by 2025. As a result, grandparents account for a sizable amount of the population, and in many families, they serve as caregivers for the grandchild or even the grandchild’s closest family.

This is a critical role to help keep families stable and raise well-balanced grandchildren. They play roles beyond those of caregivers. Below are just a few additional roles they play.

Grandparents are Vital

Grandparents Matter

According to Dr. Karl Pillemer of Cornell University, “the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren is second in emotional importance only to the relationship between parent and child.” Children benefit when grandparents are involved in their lives. But grandparents also enjoy benefits from the relationship with their grandchildren.”

They not only get joy and benefits out of this symbiotic relationship, but it is as critical in nature as it is to a mother bear and her cubs. Without it, a child may not develop as fully as possible.

They Make a Difference

The values and knowledge of grandparents are passed on to their grandchildren. These may be similar to what was taught to their children, yet there may be teachings that have changed throughout the years.

They teach lessons that have timeless worth, such as how to converse in the digital world. An AARP survey recently revealed that 78% of respondents say they have discussed principles with their grandchildren.

They Teach History

Grandparents tell stories about the eras in which they lived. The experiences they had and the big events that shaped the nation. There are important stories to share about divisive issues from our past and about family history that help grandchildren learn about their culture and background.

These stories and family histories keep the past alive; they teach valuable life and character lessons. There is no denying the importance of these lessons for how a grandchild grows and the impact they have on their decision-making process.

Many People Have Grandchildren

Many grandparents provide basic needs for a grandchild. They are the primary caregivers. It is likely that some take care of grandchildren on a regular basis but are not listed as primary caregivers. These children might otherwise wind up in the foster care system or be put up for adoption.

Suffice to say, grandparents prevent their grandchildren from being exposed to a system that can harm them for life. They step up in times when need is greatest, which makes them indispensable.
Value of Grandparents

Grandparents Love It!

It allows grandparents to remain active instead of sitting in rocking chairs all day by exercising regularly, such as walking, dancing, and playing sports with their grandchildren.

Benefits for Parents

Raising children can be a challenge. That is why when grandparents help alleviate some of the responsibilities of parents, it gives them a needed break, support for them and their grandchildren. For example, giving basic needs like clothing, daycare assistance, or gifts.

In fact, a survey by MetLife showed that grandparents spend an average of £1,400 on their grandchildren annually. They can offer support and advice to parents in times of need. Together, love and financial support help both parents and grandchildren.

The role of grandparents does not end there. Grandparents are known for giving back to the community by volunteering their time, money, and clothing via donations. They offer valuable perspectives, are nurturing, and bridge generational gaps. Indeed, grandparents are an essential part of every family.

At Telecare24, we recognise the role grandparents play in the family. After all, we have fond memories of our grandparents. That is why we offer a wide range of careline equipment to help keep them safe. Grandchildren to benefit from them for as long as possible. To learn how we can help protect the treasures we call Grandma and Grandpa, call us today!

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