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5 Reasons to Have a Key Safe in 2024

A Telecare24 staff teaching an old woman how to use key safe box

The purchase of a key safe is a means to ensure security and peace of mind, as having one means that help can get to you in an emergency, even when those we usually rely on may live far away.

The reality is that many families are separated by distance and not everyone has reliable neighbours they count on when they need help. It’s unfortunate, but the truth of the matter is that many people out there, especially elderly people who live alone, do not have local support and are vulnerable as a result.

In this post, we will visit a few reasons to buy a key safe that you may not have thought of. First, though, let’s review what key safes are and address any concerns regarding their safety and security.

What is a key safe?

Yale Y500 key safe
A key safe is a discreet metal lockbox that can store one or more keys to your home. It is typically secured on the wall near your front door, or another convenient location, on the outside of the home.

On the front of the cabinet, you will find a keypad used to enter a code. When the code is correctly entered, it will unlock the safe and reveal a compartment that holds one or more keys.

Are key safes secure?

Key safes are an important safety feature that can provide peace of mind for homeowners. However, installing a key safe can feel like an overwhelming prospect. After all, it holds the keys to your front door and your home! The security of a key safe depends on several factors, including the quality of the key safe itself, how it is fitted, and who has access to the code.

It is important to choose a high-quality key safe and to share the code only with people you trust to ensure maximum security for your home.

Which key safe should I buy?

There are a variety of key safes on the market, so it can be tricky to know where to start when it comes to making your purchase. Our advice is to first check that a key safe is recommended by others or is highly rated in its reviews. One example of a trusted product is the Yale Y500 key safe. It is a spacious key cabinet made from thick steel that is sturdy and weatherproof. This key safe box allows the user to set a 4-digit combination to unlock it.

You should also look for signs of certification or accreditations. If you are looking for a more premium key safe, the Burton Keyguard Digital XL is accredited by Secured By Design. This means it is built to a Police Preferred Specification. The Keyguard XL is also the world’s first key safe to be certified to meet the LPS 1175, Issue 8 A3 standard – the highest standard available right now.

These trusted key safe products are far more secure than traditional hiding spots like under a mat or in a flowerpot. Both of them come highly recommended at their price points.

The Yale Y500 key safe and the Burton Keyguard XL can be purchased from Telecare24 when ordering a personal alarm plan.

For customers who order our digital Pendant Alarm, digital Fall Alarm, and the GO! GPS alarms we offer a free Defender Combination Key Safe worth £29. The Defender Combination Key Safe is a compact and highly secure unit. It was awarded silver in Real Homes’ Best Key Safe Guide 2022. To know more please visit Telecare24 offers page.

Reasons to have a key safe in 2024

A Burton Keyguard Digital XL key safe box

1. Save time and money spent on getting your key copied

Getting your keys copied can be time-consuming and expensive depending on how many copies you want to make. With a key safe, you can simply give your friends, family, and loved ones the code to your key safe instead. Whenever you want to give somebody new access to your home, you only need to give them the code.

2. Convenience for family, friends, carers or other home help

It’s a fact of life that sometime we may need additional help to look after ourselves or our homes. This is especially true looking back at 2020 where, due to lockdown restrictions and COVID-19, many elderly people were shielding at home. They no longer had the freedom to pop into the shops to buy groceries or medication.

A key safe makes it easier for your caregivers to access your home. This also saves you from having to move to let them in when the doorbell rings. It’s reassuring to know that they can gain access for themselves when you are in need.

You may also have other types of home help services who need to come in and out of the house. They may include cleaners, gardeners, or Meals on wheels.

Having a key safe also makes it much more convenient for your family and friends to visit you. Perhaps you’re feeling unwell and it’s a struggle to get to the door. In another situation, they may need to get access to your house when you’re not at home.

While we only suggest ever giving your key safe code to a reliable person that you trust, it can be helpful if you need to let people in when you’re not there. For example, if you’re having some work done on your home. You can always change the code after the fact if you’re worried. However, remember that it’s imperative to let us and your keyholders know straight away.

3. A lifeline when you get locked out

It doesn’t happen often, but we’ve all been or come close to being locked out at one point or another. The feeling of knowing you’ve left your keys inside the house can be anxiety-inducing. With a spare key stored in a key safe outside the property, you know you’ll always have access to your home, no matter what.

4. For added security in the case that your keys are lost

We all lose things from time to time, and your keyholders are no exception! Having a key safe means that you don’t have to worry about those people looking after your keys or losing them. They should never leave the property without putting them back in the box.

5. In case of emergencies

Ultimately, a key safe is of great use in an emergency. The last thing you want is the emergency services having to force their way into your home. That is costly and a headache.

If you have a personal alarm and an emergency occurs, we will share the code with paramedics. They can easily get access to your home and provide you with the help you need as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions about purchasing a key safe when ordering a personal alarm from Telecare24, send us a message or give us a call.

Having a key safe in your home can offer many benefits and provide peace of mind, particularly for those who are elderly or vulnerable. Whether you’re looking to give access to family members, caregivers, or emergency services, a key safe is a reliable solution. Not only do key safes offer convenience and security, but they can also save you time and money by eliminating the need for key-cutting or costly locksmith services.

We hope you found this article useful. If so, please visit our blog for more useful information.

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