Business News     June 6, 2016

The Fastest Careline Response in Town

I was on the phone the other day to a well known Bank trying to speak to someone about an account. Sure, the call is answered automatically very quickly – but not by a person, the automated message tells me I’m now in a queue, my call is important……… and the call would probably be answered by a human being within 5 minutes. Sound familiar?

These frustrating experiences are very common within the retail industry, but fortunately the telecare industry takes a very different view of the importance of response times.

The Telecare Services Association has a strict Code of Practice that all providers such as Telecare24 adhere to. Its fully audited and ensures that all careline providers deliver a high quality service. One of the Key Performance Indicators is the response time of the monitoring centre. The National TSA standard sets a target of 97.5% of calls to be answered within 60 seconds.

Careline Response Times

TeleCare24 recognise that when a customer activates their pendant alarm, they need to speak to someone as quickly as possible and receive help – fast. That’s why TeleCare24 have one of the fastest response times in the industry – have a look below comparing the percentage of calls that we answer within 60 seconds compared to other careline providers.*

TeleCare24: 99%
CarelineUK: 97.57%
Hanover: 95%
Birmingham City Council: 98.5%
Cardiff City Council: 97.75%
Bournemouth Careline: 97.7%

*figures shown are from the most up to date reports available at time of publishing

As these facts show, TeleCare24 pride itself in the fact we not only hit the TSA standard but exceed it by a considerable margin, making us one of the fastest responders in the careline alarm industry as the vast majority of our calls are actually answered within 11 seconds or less.

Peace of Mind

If you have an older relative who requires a careline alarm, its normally because they want to stay in their home but have a long term health condition, they are showing signs that they are susceptible to a fall or have returned home from hospital after an operation.

So if you order a careline alarm from TeleCare24 for yourself or for a relative, you can be assured of one of the fastest response times in the industry, backed up by highly trained Operators who deal with all calls in a sensitive, caring and professional way.

Thankfully, our careline service doesn’t treat you like my bank call centre! When you press that pendant, your call becomes the most important thing we do and we will stay with you on the phone until your situation is resolved. Our aim is to provide complete peace of mind and reassurance for both our clients and their families.

Here at Telecare24 we are extremely proud of our service, Keeping You Safe AT Home.

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