Dr Hilary Jones     March 31, 2017

How to Stay Independent in Old Age

Welcome to my first Vlog for Telecare24! I have been an Ambassador for Telecare24 for a number of years and its great to now be able to share some helpful information through my Vlog! Make sure you check back regularly as  I will discussing different subjects each month, focusing attention on health issues that are real areas of concern for elderly people.

Today I’m discussing ways to stay independent at home and highlighting the simple things that can make a real difference to our lives as we all get older. 

Keeping as active as possible, both physically and mentally is vital and helps us maintain our sense of achievement and self esteem. If we feel that we have started to lose that independence and feel overly reliant on other people, then that can make you anxious and sometimes can even trigger feelings of depression.

Even if you have a condition such as Arthritis there are simple exercises you can do to keep  as agile as possible. Doing crossword puzzles, games and keeping socially active are superb ways to keep mentally active too and can help prevent the onset of Dementia. So keep as active as possible even interacting with family using services such as Skype can really help you retain those feelings of being socially included with friends and family.

As we get older we are prone to falling over, in fact 50% of people over 75 fall over each year. The important thing to remember is that if you fall, its vital to get assistance within one hour to prevent long term repercussions from the fall. Technology can play a huge part in helping you stay safe in your own home. For example, the Telecare24 fall alarm is a really effective way to ensure help is on hand 24 hours a day should you need it. The fall sensor has been designed to look stylish and doesn’t stigmatise like other fall sensors. If you fall, the sensor activates a call to the care team at Telecare24 who will then get you any help you need. The peace of mind it can bring both to you and your loved ones can be immensely helpful.


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