Lifestyle     June 6, 2016

Lifeline Combats Loneliness

There is a very interesting article from the Good Governance Institute regarding the personal impact of lifeline alarms. They have been investigating whether a careline alarm can reduce the feelings of loneliness.

It’s sad to hear that around 2.5 million people aged over 75 say that their television is their main source of company. I’m not sure a daily intake of the Jeremy Kyle show is the best way to fill the feelings of loneliness!

The fact is that pressures on modern life result in family members being spread throughout the country or indeed the far corners of the world. Elderly relatives often find themselves living on their own, with very little face to face interaction with their loved ones.

Modern Technology – An Answer to Loneliness?

For some, modern technology such as Skype has been revolutionary – giving family members the chance to regularly see and talk to each other over their computers. I can personally speak from experience how my parents day is lifted when they logon to skype and chat to their grandchildren about their day. How could a lifeline alarm help?

The article by Ali Rogan mentions Julie and John. Julie is a widow and since the death of her husband has felt vulnerable. She asked, “What if I’m taken ill or had a fall. I’m on my own so nobody would know.” She decided to purchase a lifeline alarm, and it seems to have changed her life. She comments, “I wouldn’t be without it and it’s made me feel a lot easier in myself. Since I’ve had it, I feel I’m not alone.”

Arthritis sufferer John decided to get a lifeline alarm after a nurse suggested that it could really benefit him. He says “I feel confident and keep it with me all the time…. The reassurance I now have that they will call me whatever the problem is amazing. It you’re taken ill – it’s like a person is in the room with you!”

Whilst having a lifeline alarm certainly won’t do away with the feelings of general loneliness, a telecare alarm at least makes people feel more confident. Not only that but the peace of mind it brings to all knowing help is at hand is invaluable.

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