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Useful Products and Services to Support Elderly People at Home

Support to elderly at home

It is true that the older a person gets, the weaker their body becomes. As a result, older people are more susceptible to illnesses. Blood pressure, heart failure, diabetes, and arthritis are some ailments that older people may be exposed to if not suitably cared for in their old age.

As people age, their psychology, physical strength, and behavioral patterns change, and they may become quite unstable. However, it is at this stage of life that most people require more care and support, and it is our responsibility to assist them in receiving such luxuries.

We’ve put together a list of the top products and services that could be useful when caring for an elderly relative. Thanks to some of the services we have listed, it is possible for elderly people to stay in the comfort of their homes and not face the burden of moving later in life.

Acorn Stairlifts

Acorn Stairlifts are among the largest manufacturers and suppliers of stairlifts worldwide. A stairlift can help your loved one continue to have full use of their home and keep their independence. Acorn Stairlifts offer next day installation, and in some cases, the stairlift can be installed in less than an hour.

Repose Furniture

Repose Furniture’s extensive range of recliners provides comfortable and supportive seating in home. These chairs are handmade to individual requirements, offering comfort without compromise.

Hidden Hearing

Hidden Hearing prides itself on providing the highest standard of support and hearing solutions to the hearing impaired. They are the only retailer who is a member of the British Healthcare Trades Association, and each hearing device comes with free 5 Star service.

Ultimate Healthcare

Ultimate Healthcare has a large database of products for staying independent at home. They design high quality healthcare products and services to help people live a comfortable and independent life. They offer products like pressure care mattresses and cushions, electric profiling bed frames, and independent living equipment.

Living Made Easy

Living Made Easy is brought to you by the DLF, the charity previously known as the Disabled Living Foundation. The Disabled Living Foundation is a national charity that provides impartial advice, information, and training on independent living. With over 50 years of experience, they provide information on daily living equipment and other useful advice on living a full life.

Telecare24 Personal Alarms and Pendants

Telecare24 personal alarms and pendants give you and your loved ones peace of mind. Trained operators are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide careline service. Operators respond on average within 11 seconds of pressing the pendant.

The above products and services should help make it easier for your family member or loved one to stay at home, keep their independence, and retain their dignity. Something as simple as a hearing aid can really help to improve the day to day life of someone who may have thought that they would never hear properly again, and a comfortable chair can make a world of difference to someone who spends a large part of their day sitting down.

We hope you find the above products and services useful to support your elderly loved ones. If you found this article to be helpful, please check out our blog for more information.

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