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Gadgets for Seniors Who Want to Remain Independent

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For older people who are unfamiliar with modern technology, it seems like a challenging place to begin. Because the technology keeps evolving, older generations haven’t had the opportunity to grow up with it like younger ones have. However, knowing how to use different gadgets effectively can make life easier.

If you’re searching for a new gadget for fun or to assist your elderly parent with their daily tasks, there are some simple-to-use products available that may have a significant impact on their life. Let’s take a look at 21 useful gadgets for the elderly.

1. Automatic Pill Dispenser

Price: £69.99

Buy NowGadget for seniors-Automatic Pill Dispenser

Anyone can have difficulty remembering to take medications on time, especially elderly people. The automatic pill dispenser solves that problem perfectly. The automatic pill dispenser has been developed to assist people in taking their medication on time. It’s lockable, has 28 compartments, and can be set to dispense tablets between 1 and 6 times a day. There are three different audio alarms and a visual red LED alarm, which provides an additional reminder for users. You won’t miss a dose with automatic pill dispensers, ensuring you adhere to your medication regimen.

2. Fitbit Fitness Tracker

Price: £69.00

Buy NowGadget for seniors-Fitbit Fitness Tracker

The key to staying healthy as you age is to exercise and stay active. The Fitbit fitness tracker can help you stay fit, ensure you get enough sleep, and navigate. You can wear it if you’re out for a walk, run, cycle, or swim, and it will keep track of how far you go, your heart rate, and calories burned.

It has GPS and maps, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost or needing your phone to plan your exercise route. This is an excellent wearable gadget, that is more user friendly than you expect.

3. Reacher

Price: £9.97

Buy NowGadget for seniors-Reacher

Forget about bending over or stretching to get what you need. The grabber pickup tool will assist you in reaching anything you require with minimal effort. It is easy to use, with plenty of leverage. It also has a magnetic tip to help pick up metal items, including keys.

Grabbers are beneficial for picking items up off the floor or from high-up places such as shelves. For those with limited abilities, these are an ideal gift and a must-have gadget.

4. Echo Dot (5th Generation, 2022 release) Smart Speaker

Price: £39.99

Buy NowGadget for seniors-Echo Dot (5th Generation, 2022 release) Smart Speaker

The Echo Dot has the best speaker sound. This is a useful gadget for your elderly loved one who wants to remain independent. It can do much more than play your favourite music or podcast. You can use it to set cooking timers, ask for news updates, check the weather, and more—all hands-free!

If you have other smart technology, like a television or lighting, you can use the speaker as a voice-operated remote control, connecting to them via Bluetooth or WiFi. But even if you haven’t invested in other smart technology yet, smart speakers are well worth it for music playback and asking questions.

5. Back Massager

Price: £34.97

Buy NowGadget for seniors-Back Massager

Back and neck pain are common problems as we age. People want to find relief from this pain. This back massager is an excellent present for our elderly relatives. It is an excellent gadget that massages our elderly parents’ back, neck, and abdomen, alleviating aches and pains.

It is ideal for boosting general health and quality of life, has many proven benefits, and is superb for those who suffer from limited mobility. In addition, massagers soothe joint pain, and some even have built-in heat modes that encourage blood flow, aiding in joint and muscle dexterity.

6. Smartphone

Price: £287.66

Buy NowGadget for seniors-Smartphone

Nowadays, it’s hard to call smartphones “gadgets” anymore! There are struggles for some older ones who are not fans of going all-digital with their communications. You or your relative can benefit from essential smartphone functions, including web surfing, maps, music, and the camera. Modern smartphones will be beneficial to tech-savvy seniors with readable screens and a variety of tools on hand.

7. OMRON X4 Smart Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Price: £67.81

Buy NowAutomatic Blood Pressure Monitor

To track hypertension or other medical conditions, some older adults may need to take their blood pressure on a regular basis. Modern automatic blood pressure monitors are effective and simple to use. Systolic and diastolic readings are provided in a readable format, and the monitor automatically inflates.

The X4 Smart is a clinically validated, Bluetooth-enabled, automatic blood pressure monitor. Cardiologists recommend this brand of monitor the most as it provides easy access to your readings at your fingertips.

8. Kindle Paperwhite

Price: £179.99

Buy NowKindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is an excellent choice for elderly relatives who love reading. The screen is designed to be soft and easy on the eyes, much like paper. The main benefit is being able to store a vast range of books on one device; it’s like having a library in the palm of your hand!

The latest version has extra space so you can store more ebooks and an auto-adjustable light to reduce strain on your eyes. With the backlight and anti-glare technology, you can read your favourite books in any lighting, whether you’re on vacation by the pool or snuggled up in bed. It’s also lightweight and easier to hold than a paperback or hardback book.

9. Hot Water Dispenser

Price: £64.99

Buy NowGadget for seniors-Hot Water Dispenser

Naturally, as we get older, our muscles can weaken, leading to possible clumsiness. As a result, simple objects like a kettle of boiling water can be dangerous. Therefore, using a hot water dispenser saves you from the risk of lifting a kettle of boiling water.

10. Landline Phone with Nuisance Call Blocking

Price: £39.00

Buy NowGadget for seniors-Landline Phone with Nuisance Call Blocking

Landline phones with call blocking are exceptionally good at screening calls so that those with insincere intentions are prevented from getting through. It can automatically detect different call types, filter out unwanted calls, and warn you of potential spam. If someone does get through, you can also manually block up to 1,000 numbers. Of course, it still allows your loved ones and friends to contact you; an extra layer of protection is there against scams and nuisance calls.

11. Wall-mounted Key Safe

Price: £15.99

Buy NowGadget for seniors-Wall-mounted Key Safe

Wall-mounted safes, or key boxes, are fixed to the exterior of your home and keep an extra pair of keys safely locked away in case you forget or lose your main set of keys. They are weather-proof and nearly impossible to break into, providing access to your home in an emergency.

If your elderly loved ones are worried about forgetting the code, they can save it on their phone or in another private place. These safes allow them to change code when necessary.

12. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Price: £244.00

Buy NowGadget for seniors-Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners do the vacuuming for you. You just switch it on when you’re not going to be in a room for a while, and it will whizz around the floor, vacuuming until your floor is spotless. When the battery starts to run low, it will drive itself back to the docking station to recharge—quite amazing!

This particular model auto-cleans; all you have to do is turn it on and empty the bin when it’s full. Getting a robot vacuum cleaner is a great way to make the lives of your elderly relatives easier. Keeping the surroundings clean requires little effort.

13. Electric Can Opener

Price: £24.99

Buy NowGadget for seniors-Electric Can Opener

Electric can openers are incredibly efficient and reliable. For elderly people who can’t grip a manual can opener easily, electric can openers do the job and prevent injury.

Manual openers do the job but are challenging to use, even for those with minor arthritis or grip problems. Investing in an electric alternative is an easy fix.

14. Doorbell Cameras

Price: £59.99

Buy NowGadget for seniors-Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell video cameras are an incredibly handy smart gadget for elderly people, allowing them to see who’s at your door before answering it. It also helps your elderly parent to communicate with the postman to tell him where to leave a parcel if they can’t reach the door.

It can be connected to a smartphone or tablet that allows you or your relative to see who is ringing the doorbell. Ring Doorbells are available as battery-powered or wired options, with the wired doorbell providing continual coverage for greater peace of mind.

15. Key Finder

Price: £25.99

Buy NowKey Finder

This key finder is particularly suitable for seniors and forgetful people. It has six receivers that can be attached to keys, TV remote controllers, mobile phones, wallets, bags, dogs, cats, spectacle cases, luggage, and more.

You will be able to find your lost items, no matter where they have been misplaced. Finding them is as simple as following the sound! Once you press the corresponding colour coded button on the remote, the device will emit a loud 80 dB beep when the items are nearby. The receiver has a soft LED light that helps find items in the dark as well.

16. Sleep Sound Machine

Price: £25.64

Buy NowSleep Sound Machine

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults over 65 get seven to eight hours of sleep each night. That is because getting sufficient rest can help you stay physically and mentally active as you age.

Among elderly people, sleep problems are common, a sleep sound machine may be a good solution. These devices generate calming natural sounds to help those with trouble sleeping relax, leading to an easier time falling asleep.

17. Light Therapy Lamp

Price: £29.99

Buy NowGadget for seniors-Light Therapy Lamp

During the dark days of winter, it can be hard to keep your loved one motivated, a lamp that mimics natural outdoor light can give a sense of hope. Additionally, light therapy lamps are useful for seniors who have mobility issues and have difficulty getting outside.

This light with a touch is comfortable to use, and the battery life will be longer than the traditional button.

18. Light-up Magnifying Mirror

Price: £25.99

Buy NowMagnifying Mirror

The act of looking in the mirror can be difficult for seniors who are unable to stand for a long period of time. In order to keep themselves healthy and beautiful, it’s important to have an easy-to-use mirror that can be placed on a desk, table, counter, or dresser.

Its powerful 10x magnification and light-up features allow them to focus in on a specific section of their face, especially for ones with vision impairments.

19. Apple AirPods

Price: £169.00

Buy NowApple AirPods

These Apple Airpods come with a charging case and location tracking, plus excellent sound quality and full connectivity with Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV.

It can be beneficial for seniors to have Apple AirPods that allow them to feel more connected, whether they are talking on the phone, listening to music, or watching television. There is no doubt that your elderly relatives will enjoy these airpods.

20. Day Clock

Price: £38.99

Buy NowGadget for seniors-Day Clock

This clock displays the date, day of the week, and time of day. This clock is a great way for seniors who have dementia or memory issues to orient themselves. Most so-called “Dementia Clock” models have extra-large displays for easy viewing, and some allow you to adjust the dimness level.

This day clock has a battery backup to automatically reset itself to the correct time and date. It maintains all settings internally in case of a power outage. This calendar clock provides time awareness throughout the day. Therefore, seniors will benefit from having a day clock that helps them to remain self-sufficient and maintain their dignity.

21. Personal Alarms

Price: From £9/ month

Buy Now

Personal alarms such as Pendant Alarm, Fall Alarm or GPS Alarm are essential for the elderly who live alone. Besides the quick response and access to help, personal alarms help elderly people retain their independence in their own homes and outside while maintaining their wellbeing.

It also brings peace of mind for both the alarm user and their family or friends. With the push of a button, a care team is immediately notified, responding with necessary assistance.


If you want to make your elderly relative’s life easy and comfortable. While also helping them to remain independent, please try out these 21 gadgets listed above. Your loved ones will love it.

Here’s the list of 21 useful gadgets for a quick recap:

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