Technical Support Guides | Standard and Fall Sensor Plans | Tynetec & Neat Novo

If you believe there’s an issue with your alarm, and it’s outside of our office hours, please try following our simple technical support guides below.

However, if you require our assistance or your equipment is not shown below, please email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

**Emergency response centre is open 24/7**

Pairing Your Pendant

If your pendant is lighting when pushed, but not triggering your alarm, you can repair it with the simple instructions below

1. Press and hold the top GREEN button on the Careline Alarm unit it flashes. Release the button, the Unit will then tell you to “TRIGGER RADIO DEVICE.”

2. Press the button on your pendant so the red-light flashes. Your Careline Alarm will announce “PENDANT.”

3. Once the Pendant stops flashing, press the GREEN button on your Careline Alarm unit to save the changes.

Your pendant is now paired with your alarm unit and will work normally. Please place a test call by pressing your pendant to confirm it changes.

Turning the Tynetec Alarm off

If you need to turn the alarm off due to a problem in the home or with the device, follow the simple instructions below. Remember to report any issue to us as soon as possible.

1) Turn the mains supply off and wait for the unit to announce…Please check your main supply

2) Press and HOLD the GREEN button until the unit “beeps” ONCE… immediately RELEASE the GREEN button and the unit will announce…

3) Powering Down

4) The alarm is now switched OFF

The telephone plugged into the Tynetec Reach unit will still operate when the unit is switched off.

Click here to download as a pdf document

Repairing / Connecting your Fall Sensor (Vibby)

**You will need to follow points 2-4 within 5 seconds of completing Step 1**

1. Press the power button (grey button on the back of unit), briefly, once.

2. Whilst all lights are illuminated press and hold the YELLOW button until the unit announces, “ADD TRANSMITTERS”.

3. Press the RED button on the front of the unit, all the buttons will flash.

4. Press the centre of your fall sensor (Vibby); the unit will announce “RANGE TEST MODE”.

5. Press the GREEN button to save changes.

Press centre of Vibby until it flashes red to place a test call.

Technical Support Guide - Fall Alarm Plan - Neat Novo Reach Unit with Pendant

Click here to download as a pdf document

Repairing / Connecting your pendant 

You will need to follow points 2-4 within 5 seconds of completing Step 1.

1. Press the GREY power button beneath your unit briefly until all three buttons on the front are illuminated.

2. While the buttons are illuminated, press and hold the YELLOW button on the Novo unit until it announces, “ADD TRANSMITTERS”.
Press the RED integral button to enter this mode; all three lights will flash.

3. Press the button of the SMILE pendant. Your Novo Carephone will announce “RANGE TEST MODE”.

4. Press the GREEN button on your Novo Carephone unit to save the changes.

Press pendant to place a test call.

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