I would certainly recommend this to others

From Geinor, a Pendant Alarm customer

I would like to say how pleased I am with the equipment that I received. The unit was easy to install on my own and worked immediately with clear reception. I was able to place it discreetly in the lounge as it is not too large.

Better designed to avoid accidental calling

I am finding the pendant easy to wear on my wrist and even though at first I thought it a little large I have since seen younger people wearing sports watches which are very similar!!!… in fact the white colour seems to be very popular!! I have previously had similar equipment and it was designed in such a way that it was easy to activate accidentally but so far this one seems to be better designed to avoid accidental calling!

When making my first test call I was impressed to see that the pendant had a flashing light which assured me that I had done the right thing.. The person who answered me was also very reassuring..

Help will be at hand should I need it

I am wearing this not just for my own safety and confidence but also to help my daughter feel reassured that if she is not about help will be at hand should I need it.

I am totally satisfied with my purchase and would like to thank the staff who helped me over the phone for explaining clearly what it was all about and how it would all work!! I would certainly recommend this to others.