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Best Gift Ideas for Elderly People This Christmas

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Are you looking to find a meaningful gift for an elderly loved one? Whether it’s for a special occasion, the upcoming holidays, or simply to show them that you love them, a simple gift can mean so much to our elderly loved ones.

However, even after deciding you want to get your elderly friend or family member a gift, you might be stuck trying to decide what exactly to get them. So dive in to see our 25 best gift ideas for elderly people. We have listed out the prices and links to purchase each item for your convenience.

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1. Acupressure Foot Massage Slippers

Price: £21.99Acupressure foot massage slippers as a best gift

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If you are looking for a gift for an elderly person and you are not sure what to get them, you can never go wrong with comfort. A pair of acupressure foot massage slippers make a great gift for some comfortable feet.

These slippers help improve blood flow and circulation. They also help with nerve sensitivity.

Acupressure slippers make for a comfortable gift without breaking the budget.

If these aren’t quite the type of gift you’re looking for, don’t worry. There are plenty of other gift ideas below that may fit the bill.

2. Custom Photo Calendar

Price: £21.25Custom Photo Calendar as a best gift

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This is a good gift option for everyone. The elderly, in particular, may appreciate being able to keep track of the date without having to use a digital device. They can do this all while seeing their loved ones’ happy faces.

It’s no secret that grandparents love to see their grandchildren’s smiling faces, so why not get them a custom photo calendar with a collection of their grandchildren’s pictures? Or you can also add fun memories of your elderly loved one so that they can recall and enjoy precious memories.

3. Neck Massager

Price: £49.59Neck Massager as a best gift

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Massagers like these feel fantastic on the neck. Not just for traveling on planes or long car rides, these massagers are great for the elderly to use at home while relaxing as well.

Neck massagers can help elderly people relieve neck pain or just provide them with needed comfort.

Ohh, you’re still here? Glad to have you. Now go pick up a neck massager on Amazon or scroll down for some more great gift ideas.

4. Easy Jar Opener

Price: £5.99Easy Jar Opener as a best gift

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Opening a jar can sometimes be quite a task even for a young person, so it’s understandable that elderly people can have difficulty opening jars. No need to worry, the solution is an ‘Easy Jar Opener.’

These nifty tools are portable and can be stored easily in a cupboard or kitchen drawer.

An elderly person would surely appreciate this handy tool in their kitchen. If you’re on a budget and are looking to get a useful gift, this is one of the most affordable gift ideas on the list at just £5.99.

5. Shower Seat

Price: £59.99Shower Seat as a best gift

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A shower seat is super helpful for elderly people, especially if they take care of themselves. This adjustable shower seat can be set sturdily inside both a bathtub or a walk-in shower.

Not only does this seat help make the shower/bathing experience easy and accessible, it can also help an elderly person save money on energy bills by taking showers instead of baths.

6. Pedal Exerciser

Price: £117.07Pedal Exerciser as a best gift

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This pedal exerciser is a great way for an elderly person to get some exercise and stay healthy while in the comfort of their own home. They don’t even have to leave the sofa or their favourite chair. Just place it on the ground and pedal away.

This portable exerciser can be taken anywhere so that elderly people never miss out on some daily exercise. Simple exercises each day could even help prevent dementia.

They can use it not just to get some leg exercises, but they can also work out their arms by placing the exerciser on the table.

7. My Life Story-So Far

Price: £15.89My Life Story-So Far as a best gift

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Life is a very precious gift where we get to experience something new every day. This diary can be used as a guide to record your personal memoir.

A study of 1,000 people (5 to 18-year-olds) revealed that less than 21% visit their grandparents or want to listen to their stories. Although it may seem that the connection between the two extremes of generations is being lost, still 23% of children admit that when they do spend this time with their grandparents, they enjoy it more than the time with their parents, which shows that this relationship can still be rekindled.

The time they spend together is valuable, and you might find it easier to get the connection back or build and reinforce the relationship by getting them a guided memoir to write down their experiences.

This could even last for generations to come, and future generations will get to read what their grandparents or great-grandparents experienced.

8. Mental Wealth Box

Price: £26.99Mental Wealth Box as a best gift

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These days, it’s normal to feel alone and down sometimes. Especially for elderly people. The mental wealth box comes with herbal tea blends, exercise techniques, books, and other important and essential tools that will keep one’s mentality strong.

This box can help someone cope with loneliness, stress, or just simply feel great about themselves.

Pick up a mental wealth box to help your elderly loved one brighten up their mood and day.

9. Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Price for 2: £99.99Long Distance Friendship Lamp as a best gift

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Long distance is never fun, whether it be a relationship or living far from your parents or grandparents. Yes, technology is really advanced now, and you can video call anyone from anywhere. But there’s something different about this lamp.

This lamp glows or lights up when both friends get within close proximity to it. There’s nothing better than letting family members know they’re in each other’s thoughts in such a subtle way.

The elderly, especially, may find it comforting to ‘feel the presence’ of their loved ones even from a distance with this clever lamp.

10. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Price: £99.95Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 as a best gift

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This mug could be one of the most useful gifts you could give to an elderly person. With this mug, you no longer have to worry about your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate getting cold… ever.

It heats up your favourite drink and keeps it warm at all times. That sounds pretty convenient to me. We’re sure your elderly loved one would appreciate that convenience as well.

11. Speed Boiler Tea Kettle

Price: £53.99Speed Boiler Tea Kettle as a best gift

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With this speed boiler tea kettle, you can help your elderly loved one cut down the time it takes to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. It will bring water for one cup to a boil in just 45 seconds.

This Kettle saves up to 66 percent energy by boiling one cup (235 ml) vs 1 Litre.

Your dear friend, parent, grandparent, or whoever you’re looking to buy a gift for can relax and spend more time enjoying their refreshment.

12. Large Print Playing Cards

Price: £4.99Large Print Playing Cards as a best gift

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Many elderly people still like to have fun and play a game of cards. These large print cards make it easy for elderly people whose eyesight may be deteriorating to read the numbers and have fun.

They can enjoy playing cards without challenging their eyes. This fun gift is easy on the wallet as it is the most affordable gift idea on our list at just £4.99!

13. Automatic Can Opener

Price: £25.99

Buy NowAutomatic Can Opener as a best gift

We have already talked about how much of a hassle opening a jar can sometimes be. In a similar vein, opening a can can be difficult as well.

Yes, we did just write “can can” 🙂 .

Without getting too sidetracked, this automatic can opener does make a great gift for an elderly person.

It can open any standard sized can very easily without any extra effort. This is definitely a great option for an elderly person that is still active in the kitchen.

14. Amazon Echo Dot

Price: £89.99Amazon Echo Dot as a best gift

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The Amazon Echo Dot (4th generation) is a smart speaker with Alexa. In fact, it’s one of the most popular smart speakers out there.

The Echo Dot is smaller in size than the Amazon Echo. However, it can do everything the Echo can do, just with a smaller speaker.

This smart speaker may take some time to get used to for an elderly person. But once they do, this handy device can be used to handle all sorts of tasks, such as turning off lights, playing music, reading books, and more, with a simple voice command.

15. Kneeling Pad

Price: £11.95Kneeling Pad

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This is another gift to help the elderly stay active. They can continue doing the day-to-day tasks that they enjoy without worrying about overbearing knee pain.

It can be used to prevent knee pain while taking a bath, gardening, cleaning, and doing many other activities.

16. Inverted Umbrella

Price: £23.99

Buy NowInverted Umbrella

Inverted umbrellas are one of the best things you can give anyone, especially in the rainy season. If you’re wondering what’s special about this umbrella, it’s that it closes from the inside out so that it doesn’t drip water everywhere when you close it.

These umbrellas are also very strong compared to regular ones as they are made of carbon fibre. They have a double-layer canopy that can resist strong winds of up to 60 miles per hour.

If you ask us, this is a really good gift you can give to an elderly person and one for yourself as well.

17. Arm Rest Organiser

Price: £12.99Arm Rest Organiser as a best gift

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Have you ever lost the TV remote? Exactly. This arm rest organiser can be a very practical little item for the elderly.

They can use it to organise their daily use items like TV remotes, mobile phones, Ipads or tablets, earphones, tissues, glasses, books, magazines, and many other things.

Your elderly loved one will surely love you for this simple yet practical gift.

18. LED Walking Stick

Price: £24.99LED Walking Stick

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Does the person you’re looking to buy a gift for use a walking stick? Or could they benefit from starting to use one?

If so, upgrading to this LED walking stick or using this as their first walking stick could be a great idea.

It’s light-weight, foldable, slip-resistant, and has an LED light to make it easy to walk in the dark.

19. Non-Slip Bath Mats

Price: £12.99Non-Slip Bath Mats

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Bathrooms can be really slippery, leaving elderly people at risk of falling. Both inside the tub and on tile floors, non-slip bath mats can help reduce the risk of falling.

Keep your dear elderly friend or family member safe with this well designed non-slip bath mat.

20. Light Therapy Lamp

Price: £40.99Light Therapy Lamp

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Lack of sunlight and gloomy days have been known to contribute to seasonal depression. This light therapy, or ‘SAD lamp’ can help brighten up your room and your day.

It can imitate the full spectrum of natural daylight without UV, light pollution, or radiation.

This could be a great gift for your elderly loved one to help them get through a gloomy winter or if their living space just doesn’t get very much sunlight year-round.

21. Family Tree Photo Frame

Price: £23.39Family Tree Photo Frame

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Just as its name implies, a family tree photo frame lets you showcase how beautifully your family has blossomed.

This photo frame can be placed on a desk, table, or it can be hung on a wall. Perhaps you could make this gift even more meaningful by placing some of your family’s best portraits or favourite memories in it prior to giving it.

22. LED Page Magnifier

Price: £41.04LED Page Magnifier

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Does your loved one love to read but struggle with deteriorating eyesight?

This could be a great gift for them to continue to enjoy reading their favourite book or stay informed with the newspaper.

It has several lighting options to allow for reading in the dark as well. Help your loved one be able to read without worry of eyestrain with this LED page magnifier.

23. Amazon Echo Show 8

Price: £65Amazon Echo Show 8

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With top-of-the-line technology, the Echo Show 8 is the perfect companion for the elderly.

They can find recipes or numerous ideas of what to make for dinner, use it as a photo album, or have a video call with their loved ones.

If they are in a mood to listen to music, they can play their favourite songs to listen to on their own or to share with grandchildren. Just ask to play a song, artist, or genre, and stream over Wi-Fi. Listening to audiobooks is another great feature that the device can provide.

Alexa devices are easy to set up; just follow the instructions that come with the device, and you should be up and running in just a few minutes.

24. Name A Star

Price: £60Name A Star as a best gift

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Can you imagine how surprised and touched your elderly can be knowing that a star has been gifted in their honour? When they look into the night sky, it will be a constant reminder of your love for them.

It is a perfect present for anyone who likes the stars and space, stargazing, or just something unique. You will receive a customised certificate detailing the star name, astronomical coordinates, and personal message. Each order is astronomically verified with a specific coordinate in space, making them easy to find.

25. A Personal Alarm

Price: From £9/month

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A gift like this can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

A personal alarm is designed to keep elderly people safe and give them and their loved one’s invaluable peace of mind. It’s reassuring to know that help is readily available if your elderly loved one feels unwell or has an accident.

A Novo personal alarm base unit pictured with a Smile pendant

With the push of a button, our 24/7 care team is immediately notified and will respond with any necessary assistance.

Personal alarms, worn comfortably around the wrist or on a lanyard, are ideal for people who want the reassurance that help is always at hand.

These really are a great gift to help your elderly loved one live independently and unafraid.

We also have a Fall Alarm option for those who are at risk of falling. If your loved one still enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle, check out our GO! GPS Alarm option, which can provide reassurance while out and about.


You can’t go wrong with any of the 25 gifts listed in this article. After all, it is the thought that counts and makes your family and friends feel loved. Some of the gifts are fun, while others make life easier or safer for your loved one. All, however, will certainly bring a smile to their face.

Whether the gift is for their birthday, Christmas, or just to show them that you love them, we hope you were able to find a helpful gift idea on our list.

For a quick recap of all the gift ideas, here’s the list:

We hope you found these gift ideas helpful. If so please share it with your friends and family. Also, check out our blog for more helpful information like this.

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