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Choosing the Right Panic Alarm Provider

In recent times, as highlighted in previous articles there has been a rapid increase in the number of panic alarm or careline providers. The telecare industry, as it’s known, currently looks after 1.5 million client users across the UK. Many of these are vulnerable elderly people who rely on their panic alarm service to get them immediate help should they need it. This number is set to grow hugely over the next ten years due to the ageing population – so needless to say many organisations are trying to get a piece of an ever expanding pie. Worryingly, “This is Money” recently published an article stating that people’s lives are being put at risk as a number of panic alarm users had found their pendant had been rendered useless as the landline connection had failed or had been cut off.

Alarm Checks

Telecare24 regularly remind their clients to test their panic alarm once a month, in fact we back that up with a remote test ourselves each month just to make sure our clients careline alarm is working correctly. If our systems detect any failures we immediately contact the service user. It’s also important to recognise that the alarm plugged into the landline socket will also send us a failure report if there is a power cut, battery failure and line failure. That means our customers can use their panic alarm with total peace of mind.

Telecare Services Association

As pointed out in the Money article, new providers can enter the market so it’s really important to check a panic alarm provider is a member of the Telecare Services Association. Its not a legal requirement to be a TSA member, but if the provider is serious about providing a reliable rock solid service then they will be a member.Telecare24 is very proud to be a member of the TSA. TSA membership ensures that the service has to adhere to its Code of practice. In addition, the response rates and the quality of the service are independently audited annually to ensure clients are receiving the best possible emergency cover. If you are just about to look for a careline or lifeline alarm for yourself or a loved one then you might find our free Dr Hilary guide helpful for choosing the right alarm provider. You might also find our previous blog article helpful with regard to ensuring your landline provider such as BT knows you are a lifeline alarm user. The information is directly from Ofcom. Telephone Service Provders can actually ensure that the issues such as failed lines and connections can be repaired can be repaired as a priority and send copy bills to another trusted individual. This limits the chance of the line being cut off for mistaken non payment.

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