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Online Shopping Habits of the Over 60’s

The other day I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to one of our customers. She was a sprightly 90 year old inquiring about a careline alarm for her husband. After chatting through all her options she happened to mention she had looked through our website on her iPad. She then went on to say how much of a lifesaver her tablet was and that she couldn’t do without it and its opened up a whole new world for her. Brilliant I thought, here is a real silver surfer who is embracing technology and its bringing life changing benefits for her.

The Rise of the Over 60 online Shopper

Mind you that shouldn’t be surprising, apparently the over 60’s are the fastest growing group of tablet users with 39% of over 60’s owning either a smartphone or tablet. In fact a recent survey suggested one in three agreed with the statement “I cant imagine my life without the internet.” Online Shopping is clearly becoming a habit for this generation!

Applications such as Skype are helping the older generation stay in touch with loved ones whilst the internet opens up a world of learning which keeps the brain active. The latest tablets such as the iPad mini have really sharp screens and vivid colour spectrums, making reading incredibly easy.

Online video steaming is also incredibly popular among ‘silver surfers’. Fifteen per cent of those aged 50-59 watch a movie or a video on YouTube at least once a day, and 33 per cent of those aged 60-69 watch videos on YouTube a few times a week – the same proportion as for the 30-49 year olds.

Surprisingly, over-70s are leaders in consuming YouTube videos via tablet and Smart TV, with 8 per cent of them claiming to use a Smart-TV to access online videos compared to just 2 per cent of 30-49 year olds, 7 per cent of 50-59 year olds and 4 per cent of 60-69 year olds.

Online Shopping for Groceries

With the above numbers in mind, its not surprising that online shopping is booming, with an estimated £13 billion spent at Christmas in 2014. Whilst surveys suggest the over 60’s like to support local businesses, online food shopping is bringing real benefits for this age group.

Surveys suggest the over 60’s prefer quality over quantity so online food shopping gives them the time to choose the food brands they want without the hussle and bussle of walking around the food aisles.

Food orders are delivered direct to their door, taking away all the hassle of lugging heavy shopping bags home. All the major Supermarkets offer home deliveries, with Waitrose and John Lewis enjoying record online sales year on year. New entrants such as Able and Cole offer a range of organic food groceries delivered to your door.

Other statistics for online shoppers over 60:

  • Over a quarter of online shoppers aged 60-69 say they will use their mobile devices more often for shopping in the future.
  • 55 percent of online shoppers aged 60-69 and 51 percent of those aged 70-79 say they use the internet at least once a week for browsing.
  • 12% of online shoppers aged 60-69 buy online once a week.
  • As each tech savvy generation moves into the over 60 age group the statistics will no doubt continue to move in an upward trend as online shopping will be an integral part of their daily shopping habits.

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