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8 Easy Keep Fit Exercises for Older People

Yesterday Charles Eugster, a 95 year old retired dentist broke the world record for the 200m for his age category. He ran it in just 55.48 secs, beating the previous record by 2.4 seconds.

Two years ago Charles gave an interview to The Telegraph, in which he says at the age of 85 he “didn’t like what he saw.” Charles went on to explain, “I hoped getting fit would stop me ageing, it was pure vanity, really. I looked a mess and I was having a late-life crisis. My body was degenerating. I thought: ‘Who knows about muscles?’ So, when I was 87, I joined a bodybuilding club.”

Since that interview he has gone from strength to strength, culminating in that remarkable feat yesterday.

So we here at TeleCare24 applaud Charles for his endeavours as he demonstrates what is possible for the human body to achieve, even at such an age. Whilst Charles Eugster maybe an exception to the rule, it does highlight the benefits of having a routine of exercises, no matter what our age. In recognition of Charles’ amazing accomplishment, here are 8 great exercises for you to try at home, helping you to stay fit and healthy.

8 Exercises to try at Home

1- Chest Stretch
Sit upright and away from the back of the chair. Now stretch your arms out to the side. Now gently push your chest forwards until you feel a slight stretch. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then repeat it 5 times.

2- Neck Rotation
Sit upright on a chair with your shoulders down. Now turn your head slowly to the left shoulder as far as its comfortable. Hold this position for 5 seconds and then repeat the process to the right shoulder.

3 – Sideways Bend
Stand upright with your feet about a hip width apart and your arms by your side. Now slide your left arm down your side as far as it’s comfortable. You should feel a stretch on the opposite side of your hip. Slowly bring your left arm back to the resting position and repeat with your right arm. Hold each position for 2 seconds, repeating it 3 times.

4 – Calf Stretch
Place both hands against a wall. Now bend the right leg and step the left leg back around a foot keeping both feet flat to the floor. The left calf muscle is stretched by keeping the leg as straight as possible and the heel to the floor. Repeat with the right leg. Repeat the process 3 times.

5 – Sit to Stand
Sit at the front of a chair with your legs about a hip width apart. Lean slightly forwards and stand up slowly using your legs, not your arms. Keep looking forwards, not down. Stand upright for a few seconds before returning back to slowly sit down. Repeat 5 times, as slowly as possible.

6 – Leg Extension
Whilst standing up, rest your hands on the back of a chair. Now raise your left leg backwards, keeping it as straight as possible. Hold for 5 seconds and return to the standing position. Repeat the process with the right leg. Do each leg 5 times.

7 – Sideways Walking
Stand with your feet together with your knees slightly bent. Now step sideways in a slow and controlled manner, moving one foot to the side first. Move the other foot and repeat this for 10 steps, or more if you feel comfortable.

8 – Step Up
Use a step, preferably with a hand rail.Step up with your right leg bringing the left leg to join it. Step down again and then repeat the process. Repeat 5 times.

Source: NHS Choices

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