Business News     May 26, 2016

Careline Alarm Ripped From Pensioner in Bogus Caller Theft

Did you see the recent article on the BBC regarding a careline alarm being ripped off a 92-year-old lady during a robbery? The shocking story occurred in Bolton when a man entered the pensioner’s home by smashing through a downstairs window. In an effort to steal cash he grabbed the elderly lady and ripped the careline alarm from around her neck.

The man escaped leaving the lady very shaken and requiring hospital treatment. The removal of the careline alarm is particularly disturbing as it prevented the lady from alerting the careline operators of the intruder. Det Sgt Lee Shaw said: “To break into the home of a 92-year-old woman is bad enough, but to then physically attack this woman – who is clearly vulnerable and has no capacity to defend herself – is reprehensible and the actions of a desperate coward. There clearly wouldn’t have been much that the elderly lady could have done to prevent this episode, especially as it would appear the thief was determined to break in, even smashing the front window. However, on a positive note, once he had fled she would have been able to summon immediate help by pressing her panic button.

Bogus Caller Alarm

There are various sensors that can be installed that can connect to your careline alarm. These range from CO2 and carbon monoxide sensors to Bogus Caller alerts. Whilst the Bogus caller alarm would not have prevented this terrible situation, it may have been helpful on two fronts. Firstly, when the bogus caller alarm is activated, it opens up a silent call to our operator. They are able to listen in to what’s happening in the home and request emergency assistance from the police. Secondly, the whole incident is recorded which can be used in a Court of Law to secure a conviction if the perpetrator is ever caught. If you have a careline alarm and would like some additional security by having a Bogus Caller alert installed, then contact your careline provider. Related Posts

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