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"I personally recommend Telecare24 careline alarms, I even got my Mum one!"


Working With Dr Hilary Jones

Making sure people receive the best possible care has been at the forefront of my 40-year career as a GP and Health Editor on ITV’s Good Morning.

The good news is that as a nation, we are living longer and experiencing more fulfilling lives than in previous generations. The challenge that creates is ensuring our ageing loved ones get the best out of their later years. Understandably, many do not want to leave their homes where they reared their families and where so many memories are held. Evidence shows that staying independent for as long as possible has a huge impact on a persons wellbeing. However, the older we get, the more help we need and the more likely it is that we may need some assistance if we get into difficulties.

My role as a GP often involves recommending treatments or services that I genuinely believe can make a difference to people’s lives. With that in mind I feel that a Careline Alarm is an ideal way for you or a loved one to stay in the home you love, yet have that reassurance that help is at hand if you ever need it.

Deciding who is best placed to provide this service can be a challenge, but it’s an important one as you are entrusting the wellbeing of yourself or a loved one into the hands of the company you select. It’s important you feel comfortable and secure that the careline provider you choose will handle any situation in a calm, caring and professional manner.

As a national Careline provider, Telecare24 provide exceptionally high levels of customer care and have one of the fastest response times in the industry. As they operate right across the UK they are able to offer their customers very competitive price plans, making a Careline alarm affordable for everyone.

To back this up, a recent survey showed that 100% of Telecare24 customers felt that the care team were friendly, reassuring and understanding. That’s quite an achievement and something I know Telecare24 are very proud of.

To support the highly dedicated staff, Telecare24 use the latest technology and the most advanced alarms to ensure you and your loved ones can stay safe at home. In fact, I have been so impressed with thier service that I even ordered one for my mum. She’s had a couple of falls recently so I requested a fall sensor for her. This means that Telecare24 will be alerted of her fall even if my mum Noreen is unable to raise an alert or press her pendant.You can see my interview with my mum below.

So I know you will really be impressed with the service if you choose Telecare24 as your Careline alarm service as I am of the opinion that Telecare24 is the best Careline provider in the UK. I would personally recommend their service to any of my patients.

Dr Hilary Jones

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